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Deployment Engineer Template

Do you want to use your critical thinking abilities and engineering principles to design and deploy solutions that have a direct impact on patient care? We are currently looking for recent technology graduates who want to enter the world of healthcare IT, serving customers in [insert location] as a system engineer.

Sectra is one of the world’s leading providers of IT systems for managing medical images. Our long-term ambition is to be the leader in making customers’ diagnostics more efficient and contribute to proven improved care outcomes for patients. Implementing our solutions, delivering upgrades to our customers and meeting their requests of for example integrations and migrations is key for our customers success and satisfaction. You will experience, and be part of, putting technologies in place that support the patient journey in the [enter country] healthcare system.

Working as a project engineer
As a deployment engineer, you are a technical expert who enables Sectra to deliver products and services to our customers. You will be part of the Customer Operations department and work closely with senior system engineers, project managers and application specialists to install, configure, integrate and support our solutions. You will develop a strong understanding of Hospital IT systems, communication and interoperability frameworks and standards that can be leveraged across the entire Health IT domain.

You often work with customers in a specific region, but since we follow the same processes across the Sectra world, this is also a role with plenty of opportunities to work abroad for a shorter or longer period of time.

Your main responsibilities include:

  • Installing, configuring and upgrading Sectra solutions
  • Planning and performing technical deployment activities
  • Communicating with the technical counterparts of our customers

As a leading international medical PACS provider we are contributing to a healthier and safer society one solution at a time. Our employees make our vision possible and we believe that we have the best people working for us. We offer superb training and excellent mentors to help you excel within your role.


Life at Sectra
Here you can get creative with you job-ad and pitch this opportunity in a way that you think will attract the right candidate.
[Insert text about the specific CO, department, team, and/or colleagues]
[Insert text about culture and/or social selling-points]

Work with great people

Brian Antunes
System Engineer
"I have always been passionate about technology and using technology to resolve issues facing society. At Sectra, that is exactly what we are doing."
Frida Börnfors
Software Engineer
"There is a high level of dedication among the employees at Sectra – everyone takes pride in what they do and they work hard to deliver customer value."

Skills & Requirements

At Sectra, we hire for attitude and ability – train for skill. This means who you are is more important than your previous experiences. There are a few core abilities that are central for any role. We always look for your willingness and ability to learn and take on new tasks fast, utilize previous experiences and quickly grasp new information. We also want you to have a strong analytical mindset in which we consider it to be important that you can understand and break down and solve problems. We also want you to be a good communicator where you have the ability to interact with colleagues, partners and customers in a effective, clear and constructive way.

In addition to these abilities, we also want you to:

  • Have at least three years of university education in engineering science, healthcare, business or IT with strong academic standing or a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree
  • Be highly organized and deadline-driven, and enjoy a fast-paced work setting
  • Be fluent in [enter language], [enter other language requirements]
  • Show strong communicative skills
  • Have a genuine interest in IT systems in healthcare.

We consider it a great asset if you:

  • Speak more languages than those required above
  • Have interests besides school/work, such as sports, sports leader, music, horseback riding, singing or flying as examples
  • Have experience with other cultures
  • Have experience working with IT service desk or customer service
  • Have experience working with PACS, RIS, DICOM, HL7, IHE and other healthcare interoperability standards
  • Have experience working with Windows, MS SQL Server, SQL Server AlwaysOn, networks, Active Directory, server clustering, scripting tools, Microsoft Azure and VMware

Other information:

The goal is for the right candidate to start [as soon as possible or date].

We recruit on an ongoing basis. This means we encourage you to apply or contact us as soon as possible.

Learn more about our recruitment process here.

Great Place to Work

  • Making a difference

  • Great colleagues

  • Personal development

  • Innovation & technology

  • Global environment

  • Working close to customers

About the company

Sectra develops and sells cutting-edge solutions for medical IT and cybersecurity. We help hospitals and those who are training future healthcare personnel to improve their efficiency so that patients can receive better care. We also support and help defense, authorities, and critical social functions to secure their communication against eavesdropping and protect their systems against unauthorized access. This is how we create conditions for a healthier and safer society.

One thing that identifies us at Sectra is our customer obsession— our ability and willingness to understand, create value for and stand up for our customers. This shared priority is at the core of our culture. Our customers describe this as having the knowledge to meet expectations, the passion to exceed them. As we hire for attitude and ability - train for skill, we happily expand your knowledge, if you bring the passion and willingness to learn.