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Frontend Developer with a UX twist!

  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • København +6 more
  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • København +6 more

What we are looking for & our journey ahead

A frontend developer with +2 years of UX experience, with an eye for design that wants to join our team and help us on our journey to become the most user-friendly and intuitive CRM system in Europe! Lime is the market leader in the Nordics within CRM. Now Lime Go will become its own business unit operating aside from the Lime Group.

What does this mean for you?

  • An awesome product portfolio and a clean tech stack
  • We will have the flexibility and speed of a startup, but still, no individual risk for you, since we’re backed by Lime Technologies
  • A lot of freedom and you can shape the product we build

Lime Go is a Nordic CRM system and a smart sales tool for small and medium-sized businesses. Currently, we have 1600 applications and 4500 active users in Sweden, Norway, & Denmark but our end goal is to become the obvious CRM-choice for ambitious companies in Europe.

The team today and our method

We are a small, ambitious, and autonomous development team with a lot of freedom. We guarantee no code monkey business with the possibility to have a significant impact on what we develop and how we develop the product. Currently the team consists of 6 developers with the ambition of reaching 7-8 developers by the end of 2022. It’s an ambitious goal but we have all the tools to succeed, and we would love to have you onboard as a key part of our team.

Aside from the dev team, we have a fully operational sales, support & marketing organization distributing our product to new users every day.

At Lime (like all other development companies) we work with a development process. We will not go into details in this ad, but if you are curious, do not hesitate to give us a call! The important part is that since we are a small team you will be able to shape and affect what we develop!

Oh, and every 6th week we have a Tuesday Hackathon where you can do whatever you like :)

Your tasks being a part of our team

As a Frontend Developer in the Lime Go team, you will be working on improving the UX/UI, listening closely to the users' wants and needs to determine the highest value features. Lime Go contains a lot of data, has a wide variety of customers, and supports high customizability, making it a fun and challenging product to work with.

Some of the upcoming things we will focus on are integrating new third party data sources, ERP systems, credit card billing, import tools and calendar integrations. While at the same time continuously improving workflows and customizability to make our customers even more efficient.

As the Lime Group is growing, we will also work on the possibility of integrating Lime Go into other products within the Lime portfolio.

Work with great people

Charlie Olsson
Software Developer and Team Lead
"Coding is awesome!"
Max Nyman
"Sales should be fun. Let's make it happen through Lime Go! Join our journey towards becoming the most user-friendly & sales enabling CRM in Europe. Startup without risk? Lime Go."
Philippos Aziz
Backend Developer
"Coding is like building a house. And we're building a penthouse!"
Sofie Gränsbo
Customer Success Manager
"I enable our clients through smooth digital onboarding, packaging our offering, building a Go-community, setting up e-learnings and much more!"

Skills & Requirements

The tech-stack

We have recently finished a 1,5-year redesign project which means you will deep dive into a completely rewritten, well-organized, and clean codebase. See pictures below to compare!

The frontend is written with the latest versions of React and Redux with a high focus on UX/UI. Therefore, we value your skills as follows:

Must have: Javascript & previous experience within design, UX/UI and Figma (Required)

Should have: React (with hooks!)

Nice to have: Redux or previous .NET experience

Take a look at the journey the past two years.

Lime Go 2020:

Lime Go end of 2021:


The dev team is fully remote but some of us are working from our Stockholm and Lund office. All in all, we have offices in Lund, Stockholm, Gothenburg & Gävle. Not to mention Norway, Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Germany and Poland. We do enjoy meeting physically and having discussions with a whiteboard and talking nonsense over a cup of freshly brewed Columbian coffee. You can stroll into the office you prefer! However, we are open to a hybrid/remote role if that is something you value!

Who are we and why Lime Go?

Your code will affect thousands of businesses and it will help them save time through smart processes, automation and enable them to become a more efficient sales organization. Apart from every six-week hack Tuesday we have a yearly company-wide Hackathon where all of Lime’s employees participate from different departments. PS. Some of the most appreciated features in the Lime portfolio are products of the Hackathons!

We also have generous employee benefits such as company trips, team trips, six weeks of vacation, pension, monthly pubs, Lime Go merch (coming soon), wellness allowance, allocated budget for personal development etc.

During the ride, we will have a good laugh and do a bunch of team activities. Apply now to join our journey, Europe awaits!

The process, step by step

We do not have a deadline for this recruitment, but as we process applications continuously, why wait? No time like the presence. Apply now!

  1. First off, you will get on a screening call with a person on the team. You might also meet one or multiple members of the team.
  2. Then you will get a technical assignment to show off your skills.
  3. After that, you will have an in-depth interview.
  4. Finally, you get to meet our CEO (Nils) and our CTO (Jens) for the final interview.

If possible, we want to combine some of the steps above into one batch, so you will become a Limer as fast as you want!

See you soon :)

Let’s GO!

Great Place to Work

  • Tight-knit team

  • Collective agreement

  • Startup & place to grow

  • Clean code base

  • Clear vision for the future

  • Stock saving program

  • Flexible work preferences

  • Competitive salary

  • Company & team trips

About the company

Lime Go is a simply clever CRM-tool for sales and marketing departments. It’s excellent for prospecting and filled with valuable company data to help users save time and increase revenue.

We are an autonomous business unit within the Lime Technologies Group, giving us the awesome the perks of being a Nasdaq-listed company as well as the freedom of a startup.

Currently, we have 1600 customers across Sweden, Norway & Denmark, and our end goal is to become the obvious CRM-choice for ambitious companies across Europe.

We are growing rapidly and are looking for new colleagues to join us on this exciting journey – let’s conquer Europe together!

2022 - Now & aheadLarger deals, bigger customers, more markets and higher growth rate. Launch in Norway & Denmark! Finland TBA ;)

2022Lime Go breaks loose and becomes a brand new business area within the Lime Group. Multiple new hires and a clear vision is set! This is only the beginning..

2021The new interface is launched for all customers, leaving Knockout and facing the future in React/Redux in a modern & powerful suit.

2020The new UI released and the inflow at our support department was quiet as a bad joke on a stiff dinner party. Success!

2019Redesign project initiated. Lots of customer interviews, betas and bugs. ~30 thousand lines of code was about to happen in 1,5 years.

2013The first version of Lime Go is born.

2011Development started.

Charlie Olsson | Contact Person

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