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Android Developer

  • Stockholm

We are looking for a talented Android Developer to join our great team in Stockholm. You'll be an essential part of the team as we are going to launch our newest mobile product on both the iOS and Android platform. You'll make sure that the sound engine we have developed will work perfectly on the Android application. We have a small and creative team, where you'll have a large impact on the direction of the company.

Preferably, we want you to have a great interest in music and sound engineering. We are also looking for someone who feels at home in a creative/start-up environment and is able to take on responsibilities as the company moves forward.

Skills & Requirements

​Required skills:

  • 3+ years of experience of Android development
  • Worked with the latest Android frameworks and libraries
  • Experience with C/C++ development
  • Interest in music and sound engineering
  • Several apps available in the Play Store

Desired skills:

  • Experience with web technologies such as React
  • Experience with server client models
  • Experience with applicable design patterns
  • Degree in Computer Science

Great Place to Work

  • Newly developed products

  • Creative environment

  • Music lovers

  • Worldwide customers

  • Central location

  • Great amount of responsibility and freedom

About the company

Moodelizer has cracked the code for quality soundtracking regardless if your adding instant music to your social videos, soundtracking your Youtube-content or producing video professionally.

We eliminate technical and judicial boundaries and on top of that, our technology is filled with high-quality music that you control with your fingertip. With the Moodelizer pad you comfortably control the intensity and variation of your soundtrack.

Moodelizer makes you the conductor of the orchestra so you can soundtrack anything.

We have developed two products; Moodelizer Mobile and Moodelizer Studio

Moodelizer Mobile is an app for iPhone and Android that enables you to soundtrack instant videos. There are several soundtracks in the app and all rights to the music are included. Choose to soundtrack instantly or pick videos from your local library.

Moodelizer Studio is a soundtrack application for Mac that lets you add music to film in a clever way. Using a dynamic “pad”, you can control the music in real-time to make it fit with your film. The music is stretchable which means you can sync it with every edit of your film. The software comes with a great variety of musical soundtracks for every occasion, with the rights to the music included.


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