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Not finding the position you're interested in? No worries, we're always looking for great people who have a passion for what we do.

Send in your CV, cover letter, and a short description of what your dream position here at Flower is and we'll see if we can't make that happen!

About Flower

Flower (former Krafthem) is a start-up that enables energy transition. The company drastically increases the available power flexibility to support the renewable electrification of everything. Flower operates a hardware-agnostic platform that connects flexible assets with buyers of power flexibility. Through the platform, Flower connects and controls a vast pool of assets that are optimized to produce the most benefit for the electricity system. We run projects within the light and heavy EV charging, energy storage, hydropower, solar power, and heating. Flower is approved by Swedish Transmission System Operator Svenska kraftnät to provide ancillary services and was awarded the title of The most promising climate innovation in Sweden 2021 for developing the frontier of the new energy sector.

Flower is situated at Norrsken - an impact start-up hub in central Stockholm established by Niklas Adalberth, founder of Klarna. The Flower team currently consists of 10+ people, of which most of us are engineers.

More information
For more information about the company, please visit our website https://flowertech.se/. Do not hesitate to contact us at david@flowertech.se if you have any further questions regarding the position or the company!

Work with great people

Pablo Fernández de Salas
Data Scientist
"To achieve our goal, complex problems have to be solved, which are easily approachable with the aid of wonderful colleagues and a never-stopping, fast-paced environment."
Emma Hellström
Business Developer
"Working a fast-paced start-up in a transitioning industry never gets boring. There are always new areas to explore together with my knowledgeable and supportive colleagues."
Olof Gustavsson
Market Analyst Intern
"I have had the opportunity to analyze different markets and expansion possibilities within a truly inspiring and fast-changing industry. Working autonomously and together in teams was very rewarding!"
Stephan Nieto
Market Analyst Intern
"I truly enjoyed my Summer internship where I gathered invaluable knowledge. It was very well-organized and filled with interesting tasks. Shoutout to my wonderful colleagues for being so welcoming!"
Ebba Wikström
Market Analyst Intern
"I never thought I would learn so much in such a short time as I did at Flower during my internship. It was fun to work with Team Flower who was really supportive in achieving best results possible!"
Catarina Almeida
Market Analyst Intern
"Flower provides a supportive and fast-paced environment where learning is a priority. During the internship, it was especially encouraging knowing that everyone's individual interests were considered!"
Benjamin Åstrand
Market Analyst Intern
"Working towards solving one of the energy transition's most complex and important problems was extremely rewarding. It always felt like we were at the forefront of an ever-changing industry. Thanks!"

Great Place to Work

  • Sweden's most promising climate innovation

  • Flexible hours

  • Cutting edge technology

  • International team

  • Work life balance

  • Strong vision

About the company

Flower is a Swedish virtual power plant operator. We contribute to renewable and resource efficient societies by developing software and statistical models which enable more flexibility assets to actively participate in the power system. Flower is approved by Swedish Transmission System Operator Svenska kraftnät to provide ancillary services. Our Team is core and we are currently 10+ people working at Flower, most of us engineers, but a happy mix.

David Evholt | Contact Person

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