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System Designer

At Liquid Swords Inc., we are focusing on one thing only and that is making unforgettable open-world action experiences. We have decades of experience in this genre that we have come to love as it has zero creative boundaries and offers you as a developer to broaden your creative horizons. We are hiring talented developers with a strong passion for making and playing games.


An experienced System Designer within Liquid Swords is an essential piece of a larger creative team that cares about game, community, and colleagues. Contributions you make technically and creatively permeate every facet of design and player experience - therefore your influence daily and towards final product will be immense.

Your mission is to ensure gameplay functionality, design systems and the overall experience of players are developed to completion and of highest quality. By evangelizing system design and being a spokesperson for solutions that eliminate constraints and elevate the team’s ability to realize its ambitions.

Our collective efforts to deliver the right set of quality standards is fundamental and joining our team now means that you will be a part of creating video game history and heavily influencing our early development of an innovative next-gen experience.

The game we are making is a modern, single-player experience prioritizing action, consequence and narrative discovery - all built using Unreal Engine 5.

Joining our team now, means that you will be a part of creating video games history, working on the early concept of our next-generation action packed open-world experience.

Work with great people

Håkan Pettersson
Senior UX Artist
"Liquid Swords is a company truly driven by passion, creativity and ambition. Make fun games and having fun while making them is really the core of the company. Simple."
Martin Svärd
Senior Technical Artist
"The team is passionate about streamlining the art creation process and focused on finding technical solutions to artistic problems through tools and efficient workflows."
Per Juhlén
Senior Producer
"We want involvement and engagement to drive progress, at Liquid Swords we support and enable each other to achieve that."
Jeremy Miller
Art Director
"Collaboration, pushing boundaries, and having fun is at the heart of everything we do at Liquid Swords. We create bold worlds that bring together all the elements of the player experience."
Christofer Sundberg
Founder and CCO
"At Liquid Swords, we have stripped the studio of all the buzzwords and distractions that draw our focus from delivering a highly qualitative experience."
Kurtis Wiebe
Narrative Director
"Liquid Swords is indie heart in the AAA space. Crafting original worlds and stories in new games with rich themes structured around a strong vision is where I’ve always wanted to land."
Alexander Williams
Senior Designer
"Liquid Swords is a true indie development studio, where the team has the freedom to craft the gameplay experiences we want to make, and can focus on quality, with a collaborative and open work culture"
Billy Hallden
Senior Artist
"Liquid Swords is a very dynamic workplace that enables you to maximize your potential and have a great time doing it instead of forcing you into a mold."
Paulina S. Davidsson
HR Director
"Liquid Swords is a truly pragmatic organization characterized by quality, fast decisions and having fun. Here, everyone's voice is equally valuable!"
Daniel Persson
Senior Artist
"The friendly environment along with all the great talent pushing for answers is such a joy to experience. I can't be more happy and proud to be a part of this team."
Ricky Siddek
Senior Designer
"Working alongside this incredible group of creatives is incredibly rewarding. We have the space to work and grow together, using our collective experience to attain fun and quality."
Michaela Lindén
Senior Artist
"Being at this studio brings a sense of calm, excitement and warmth. You learn together and share your experiences to create something new."
Antonia Killi
Technical Designer
"Every person in the team brings something unique to the table and that makes it such a diverse and inspiring environment to work in."
Leon Loughran
Senior Recruiter
"Liquid Swords’ Hiring Managers have much knowledge on game development, and take recruitment of AAA talent seriously. Everyone is open to sharing and learning from each other’s expertise. That’s fun!"

Skills & Requirements

  • A system designer with a penchant for amplified experiences through improved workflows and flexible design systems. You're in your element scripting and prototyping, iterating and validating, and focussed on delivering solutions that fill a need and heighten player experience.

  • Your portfolio of AAA titles distinguishes you as a seasoned designer and having experienced full-production life cycles has shaped your sensibilities.
    Decision-making to you respects the inherent link between design solutions and player motivations. Your aim is innovative, sustainable, and scalable solutions.

  • Tenacious in creating unrivaled gameplay and deftly design of systems. You push beyond theory-craft by capitalizing upon comprehensive knowledge of game design and the tools required to realize systems - for us this means Unreal Engine™

  • Multidisciplinary teams are where you thrive. Collaboration, humility, and conviction are hallmarks of how you push beyond the ordinary.

  • You flourish when you’re part of a high-performing team in an open and creative environment, and possess an overwhelming desire to create a world-class experience.


We are an equal opportunity employer hiring, promoting, and compensating employees based on your qualifications and demonstrated ability to perform your job responsibilities. We encourage applications regardless of your age, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, belief, creed or race.

This is a full-time position based out of Liquid Swords legendary HQ in Nacka, Sweden (10 minutes from the city of Stockholm). We follow all governments recommendations regarding Covid-19 pandemic and will ensure a safe work environment.

Great Place to Work

  • Sustainable and flexible employee approach

  • Children and parent friendly values

  • Respectful and inclusive working environment

  • High pensions with personal guidance

  • Flat hierarchy with a lot of collaboration

  • 30 vacation days to all employees from start

  • Side projects allowed

  • Relocation support provided

  • Career development support active enablement

About the company

At Liquid Swords focus is making unforgettable open-world action experiences. The release of high-quality, innovative and million-selling games is what defines our success, not the size of investments, staff count or revenue.

Liquid Swords was founded in 2020 by Christofer Sundberg, founder and formerly Chief Creative Officer of Avalanche Studios. The studio is backed financially by Christofer Sundberg and a group of private investors. Our approach to game development is (by games industry standards) a small-studio approach, where our team members contribute with entrepreneurship in their respective field of expertise. The team at Liquid Swords have worked on numerous multi-million selling franchises in the past and their experience and talent will define our roadmap to success.

All our games are developed on the Unreal Engine™, allowing us to adapt the technology to suit our needs but most importantly to focus on content, proving our vision and goals early. Our games are made for the adult core player, where characters, story as well as player freedom are strong features.

Leon Loughran | Contact Person

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