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We are looking for a company level Architect / Principal engineer

  • Søknadsfrist: 29. mai 2022
  • Oslo
  • Søknadsfrist: 29. mai 2022
  • Oslo

FINN.no is looking for a highly motivated and experienced technologist with a good balance of technical depth and interpersonal skills. Ideally, you’re someone with a strong technical programming background, but you also have a broader view on how to strategically develop our technology and teams to meet new business needs. Our architects are highly technical, able to discuss most challenges and solutions with the teams and developers but leave coding of mission - critical services to the teams normally (however, contributing with code allowed!).

As we strive for more diversity in our tech-teams, we encourage women to apply.

What does an Architect do at FINN?
The Architect group is responsible for maintaining our architectural vision and direction, which is created together with teams. Part of an architect’s job is to have a dialogue, listen to our developers, and explain and support the teams in implementing the architectural vision.

FINN has a proven history of utilizing technology to enable new business opportunities. As architects, we have a central role in supporting, implementing, and pushing the company’s strategy. We work together with the business and product departments to find technical solutions that give the right impact.

One of our missions is to cultivate knowledge sharing across teams. We do this by documenting good practices, hosting workshops, and holding lectures. Sometimes we perform Proof-of-Concepts on new technologies and techniques to see if they add value to our company. This enables us, as a company, to introduce new technology successfully.

Sometimes we join a team, or a task force, for a period of time to strengthen a particularly important effort. We contribute in various ways, sometimes as coaches, sometimes taking the lead of the process, and we love it when we get the opportunity to write code. But it is not expected that you code as part of your normal workday.

The Architect group consists of four experienced engineers. We guide teams when they face complex issues and will perform code and design reviews of their solutions on demand and settle discussions if needed.

Jobb med skikkelig flinke folk

Mathias J. Johansen
Utvikler FINN Reise
"Her er det takhøyde og muligheter til å utvikle deg etter dine egne behov og ønsker."
Siddise Hirpa
Utvikler A-caser
"Her får du både jobbet selvstendig og sammen med folk som inspirerer deg!"
Camilla Røhme
UX Architect
"Sammen skaper vi løsninger som hjelper og begeistrer!"
Anders Halvorsen
"Det beste med denne jobben er de gangene du føler at du faktisk hjelper noen med å løse et faktisk problem"


Who are you?
You are a person people tend to seek for technical advice. You naturally work across multiple teams, and find good solutions across them. In this role, you will work with people from all parts of the company in order to understand which business needs we have, what technical challenges we have and what solutions exist. You are passionate about sharing information and you welcome different perspectives. In combination with the ability to take decisions and present a clear technical direction, these two skillsets will be critical in order to succeed in this role.

You will also take an active role in cultivating a community of people working with architecture, and ensuring the organisation has enough capacity and the right abilities to do meaningful work within the field.

Minimum qualifications

  • Solid background from programming and knowledge of one or more programming languages (we use mostly Java/Kotlin/Scala, Javascript, Python and Go)
  • Hands-on experience with crafting scalable, flexible, distributed and resilient systems
  • You are able to take charge of a problem, analyze and discuss different options with multiple people and teams, and present recommendations or decide on technical solutions in a clearly way.
  • You get people to trust you, really listen to them, and show you care about their success.
  • You love to write code, but acknowledge that writing code is not the way you deliver in this role.

Bonus qualifications

  • Knowledge about Domain Driven Design

  • Knowledge across the entire stack, front-end, services, and persistence

  • Knowledge about build pipelines, event driven architecture, data on the inside versus outside and data pipelines

  • You communicate well with both technical and business audience

  • Experience with working in large organisations with many development teams

  • Business understanding, and knowledge about and interest in organisational theory

  • You stay up to date with technology and always look for a more efficient solution

  • Experience with cloud computing is a huge plus (security, infrastructure, storage, platforms, data, cloud native service)
  • Experience with data architecture, data platforms, data mesh knowledge
  • You are able to see how you can contribute independently to a problem, taking initiatives and delivering results (see a fuzzy problem, and attack it)

Jobb på et sted du vil trives

  • Varierte og spennende arbeidsoppgaver

  • Dyktige kollegaer og et hyggelig arbeidsmiljø

  • Konkurransedyktige vilkår

  • Gode muligheter for kompetanseutvikling

  • Avis - Aftenposten hjem på døra og/eller digitalt

  • Fleksibel arbeidstid

  • Rabattavtaler gjennom FINN og Schibsted

  • Hybrid arbeidshverdag

Om selskapet

FINN.no is one of the largest tech companies in Norway. With close to 200 developers we create one of the largest websites and two of the most popular apps in Norway. At FINN you will work in a professional and inspiring environment where opportunities and personal growth are key and the team spirit is high.

We enjoy working here, but we also know that life is more than a job. Therefore, It is important to us to create a good work life balance. We do so by offering flexible working hours among other benefits. If you want to spend more time with your colleagues we also offer several smaller social get togethers and activities. How about a skiing course? Golf lessons? Or taking your kids to a Christmas workshop?

We believe we have the best working environment of all times! During the pandemic we have been able to keep our unity with regular digital events (quizes and other games) and meeting outside for a picnic, cake or other goodies when possible. Also, we have embraced the hybrid work-life and offer a mix of office-office and home-office to all our teams - of course with the equipment you should need in order to ensure your comfort and health.

You can read more about our culture and what we can offer on our career page. We believe sharing is caring, so check out our presentations we have held on tech conferences like JavaZone and we also share open source code in Github.
Lastly, you can also find us on social media: Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn and read more on our Tech Blog.

Sebastian Verheughe | Kontaktperson

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