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Your Dream Opportunity?

  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis

Would you like to map out different job opportunities but none of the listed ones fit your interest or experience?

We cooperate with multiple companies in the capital regions in both Finland and Sweden and are more than happy to assist you to find a perfect job match.

Please submit your CV below and add a few words of who you are and what type of roles would spark your interest.

Before showing your CV to any company or external party we will get your permission first.

Work with great people

James Oakley
"Working in a Lean way and embracing changes and improvements is in our DNA."
Salah Damoun
"We believe that our colleagues are our main strength. We grow together to continuously become better as a company."
Ivy Chiang
Tech Recruiter and Marketing Specialist
"At Agile Search, I am playing the mixed role of growing as a tech recruiter for the coolest tech superstars, while also being creative in marketing. We have a supportive team, and lots of fun!"
Mike Belinskiy
Tech Recruiter
"I’m lucky to be working in a very engaging place. We’re constantly busy and the way we handle growth opportunities is encouraging! It gives me confidence that the company will stay on the right track."

Skills & Requirements


Tell us what are your core skills are and what you'd like to do next.

At Agile Search we mainy focus on software development roles, e.g.:

  • Software Developer/architect e.g. frontend, backend, mobile, web, DevOps, testing...
  • CTO/Development Manager
  • Team Lead

Great Place to Work

  • Healthy Work Place

  • Great Colleagues

  • High Growth Company

  • 5 Weeks Holiday

  • International Conferences

  • Good Salary/Bonuses

  • Creative Environment

  • Digital Savvy

  • State of the Art Tools

About the company

Our approach departs from the highest standard in Executive Search methodology, combined with a Kaizen philosophy and SCRUM approach in our delivery. We work on the most demanding cases with the best results and track record.

We are a group of dynamic, creative and enthusiastic people working to help our clients and candidates grow. We achieve that by matching the best people to the best opportunities.

We are on a journey to not only become the best in our industry but also to revolutionize the way our clients are working with their recruitment, employer branding and marketing.

Apply with your CV or LinkedIn profile - one minute is all it takes.

2009Founded in Stockholm

2011Helsinki Office

2013 + 30 clients

2014Start-up client cooperations started

2016100% growth for 3 consecutive years

201866% growth year-on-year

201930+ employees from 20 countries

Fredrik Raynal | Hiring Manager

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