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Spontaneous applications

Join a global journey towards greater patient safety
Uppsala Monitoring Centre is committed to advancing medicines safety and supporting regulatory actors in improving the health and welfare of patients.

To succeed in our mission, we work in the areas of research, product and system development, education, and communications–activities that are underpinned by operational services like human resources, finance, legal, and facility management. It is important and challenging work that requires people with energy, intelligence and vision.

There are a variety of opportunities available here for those who want to work in a dynamic office environment in the heart of Uppsala, and contribute to UMC’s global mission.

What we offer
We're a mission-driven organisation that leverages science and technology to enable and advance global medicines safety. Whether you're looking for an interesting and relevant cause, a job with real-world impact, or to further your expertise within our core areas, UMC is the place for you.

Work with great people

Salvador Alvarado
Regional Manager
"Working at UMC has given me a fantastic opportunity to make a difference in patients’ lives, by contributing to strengthening the role of medicines safety in many countries world-wide."
Pinelopi Lundquist
Head of WHO Liaison department
"It’s always been important to me to contribute to the safer use of medicines, and I get to do just that in my job. Most days, I leave the office feeling like I’ve contributed to something important"
Elsa Rådahl
System Developer
"I really enjoy the variation in my work, and learning more about the different aspects of the development process and infrastructure."
Tomas Bergvall
Senior Product Manager
"At UMC, I'm able to use my skill set to create meaningful solutions that make a real difference in the world. I'm proud of what we do and the impact we have."
Elki Sollenbring
Senior Pharmacovigilance Education Specialist
"I love exploring how to deliver training, like self-paced online or instructor-led distance courses. There’s so much we can do at UMC to reach people across the globe!"
Alem Zekarias
Senior Pharmacovigilance Scientist
"Knowing I'm doing something meaningful that can help patients all over the world is my passion and my drive."

Skills & Requirements

What will be your contribution to UMC?
Describe your previous experience, skills and knowledge in an application together with why you want to join UMC.

Great Place to Work

  • Real-world impact – Working for the greater good

  • Learning organisation – Skilled and curious staff

  • Flexible work hours – Allows us to be at our best

About the company

Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC) is a centre for international service and scientific research in the field of pharmacovigilance. We are the WHO Collaborating Centre for International Drug Monitoring, and manage the technical and operational aspects of the WHO Programme for International Drug Monitoring since 1978.

As an independent, non-profit foundation, we support the World Health Organization, regulatory authorities, and other stakeholders who share our vision of advancing medicines safety. Through research and development of new scientific methods, we explore the benefits and harms of medicines for patients, and offer products and services used by health authorities and the pharmaceutical industry worldwide.

Uppsala Monitoring Centre

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