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Chief Technology Officer

  • Application Deadline: Sept. 30, 2022
  • Stockholm +1 more
  • Application Deadline: Sept. 30, 2022
  • Stockholm +1 more

Exec sum:

Dropmed is looking for a new CTO to take us from Start-up to Scale-up and beyond!
Dropmed is a tech company within e-commerce and in the healthcare sector. Basically, we are like a new Amazon but for Medical equipment and with positive societal impact! We make traditional difficult purchasing processes easy, accessible and affordable for healthcare professionals! For the right person in this position we offer great benefits and stock options.

What we look for:

We are looking for a team player who wants to jump aboard a start-up in
an early stage , with proven potential , and be fully responsible
together with the management for the company’s success! In this position you’ll be required to have a broad range of skills to succeed. You need to have extensive development experience , preferrably a large part of it from backend , and also in project management or product management as well as in leading teams of developers. You also need to love to work both hands on with coding as well as in planning, envisioning and strategic work streams. You’ll be leading the work on all sides of our complex B2B marketplace platform , both the Vendor platform, the Customer platform, and the Admin platform.


  • Leadership/management experience
  • Backend and System architecture experience
  • E-commerce experience
  • Project management/Product management experience
  • Large database and CMS experience


You will be in a highly planning and communicative position. Initially you will be leading our external developers regarding priorities, technical requirements and daily challenges, and within 1 to 3 months you will start growing a team internally alongside the external team. You will be a part of the management and set up business priorities and strategies. This is not a position for anyone but for someone with an appetite for speed, risk and who finds motivation through ownership and growth at scale.

The role includes:

  • Owning, planning and ensuring success of the development of our platforms and system architecture.

  • Leading the company to the right technical decisions for future efficient scalability (>200 000 products) and general unbuggyness

  • Coordinating the team of existing and future developers and resources.

  • Creating, assigning and following up on development targets for yourself and team members, maintaining alignment with our business goals.

  • Reaching deeper into customer understanding and market logics together with leadership.

  • Maintaining system efficiency and taking lead on issues, failures and future threats.

  • Coordinating team communications through weekly updates.

  • Gradually merging the current system architecture into the future system architecture together with- and as envisioned by management.

Work with great people

Sebastian Brieger
Founder & CEO
"Tech Innovator, Integrator, Business Generator"
Alexander Palm
Co-Founder & Business Design
"Startup aficionado"
Ralph Greschner
Co-Founder & CTO
"Tech guy"
Kim Törnqvist
COO & Product Manager
"Efficiency magician"

Skills & Requirements

We value your personality traits equially high to your expertise, experience and educational background.

If you are a gifted developer but less senior than a CTO, we will want to get to know you, but for another position. Get in touch!

Skills we value:

  • JavaScript / TypeScript / Angular / Node.js / React / Vue / NoSQL

  • Backend engineering and system design skills (of course combined with fast coding ability)

  • Frontend feature development, Usability and UX understanding

  • Always looking for newer/better frameworks and technologies

  • Agile, fail fast and micro-testing mindset

  • E-commerce experience

  • Understanding of databases, backend code and multiple connections to frontend

  • Performance testing and optimization

  • Stability and security testing and optimization

  • Experience from medtech/healthcare/Business Intelligence


  • English - Excellent

  • Swedish - Moderate to Excellent (candidates with excellent Swedish preferred)

We look forward to meeting you no matter if you are our next CTO, Tech lead or Developer! Hand in your resume!

Great Place to Work

  • Flexible working hours

  • Work from home or at our office

  • Stock option program

  • Coaching / courses as per individual needs

About the company

About Dropmed

Dropmed is a tech startup and Sweden's first independent medical marketplace. The healthcare sector is years behind in terms of digital development and we want to help make the sector modern and efficient! Our investors range from Christer Fuglesang (Yes, the Rocketman) and Mathias Weinhandl (Yes, the NHL-pro) to Propel Capital, Interactive Solutions, and Curus.

We have over the past year and a half built the most advanced marketplace platform for medical equipment in Scandinavia and the largest product range with over 60 000 products online. On Dropmed, healthcare professionals can easily manage their purchases from registered medical device vendors in a one-stop-shop. Apart from saving time and money, caregivers can collaborate with vendors, effectively building their own purchasing system with discounts and agreements tailored to their clinics.
Dropmed is the place where most hospitals and healthcare centres will buy their equipment in a year from now. Picture a new Amazon, but specifically for medical equipment, and with a positive societal impact - thats us! Over the next few years we are taking the platform to several new markets within Europe, and then globally.

The people

Dropmed was founded by engineers & product developers with different backgrounds. We have a strong passion for business, growth, product development, and making the health care sector better! Our common belief is that a developmental mindset can be applied to anything, and that collaboration and using our individual skills is what is going to make it happen.

Our 2 year roadmap

Today we are an internal team of four + a couple of external developers. In October we will take in more investments and grow the team with 2-3 people and in a couple more months we have been through another larger round of investment and will scale through the spring to 20 people in the summer of 2023. The year after we are planning on scaling to five new markets and a staff of 60+. Its VERY exciting times ahead!

2020-03-01MVP defined - Development initiated

2021-08-16First order on Dropmed Market

2021-09-01Dropmed chosen for Sting Accelerate

2021-11-03Advanced order > 160k SEK

2021-12-01More vendors & caregivers signed. 10.000 products on Dropmed Market.

2021-12-16Key investors attracted, target investment within reach

2022-01-24Investment round closed.

2022-02-01Growing team & new office. Product-led growth initiated

2022-03-15Phase 2 of development initiated

2022-07-20V2 of platforms released.

2022-11-15Next investment round planned.

2023-06-30Market leader in Sweden, plan international expansion.

Sebastian Brieger | Contact Person

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