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OBD & Emissions Homologation Engineer

The Koenigsegg R&D team is a small, agile hub of highly talented individuals, where the sum is greater than the parts. Koenigsegg is committed to hiring and developing top talent from across the world for any given discipline. Our world-class team operates with a non-conventional, ‘Lean Development’ philosophy of high inter-disciplinary collaboration, flat organizational structure, and technical contribution at all levels. You will be expected to challenge and to be challenged, to create, and to innovate.

For this role we are looking for someone with a genuine passion for engineering the best vehicles in the world. You will be working in a fast-paced, entrepreneurial company, leading the way in the hypercar business. You’ll work alongside accomplished, world-renowned engineers on perhaps the most exciting automotive programs in existence today.

As a OBD & Emissions Homologation Engineer you will be responsible to keep track on present regulations as well as having the upcoming regulations on your radar, prepare the technical documentation for the vehicles for various markets, mainly the USA, EU, and China. You will also be in direct contact with the Authorities in countries where this is necessary. OBD & Emissions Homologation Engineer ensures together with the Head of Homologation that the vehicles meet the company and regulatory requirements. Together with the development engineers, you develop the technical strategies to comply with the regulations, for this you need technical understanding of how the engine control and monitoring works in detail. In addition, OBD & Emissions Homologation Engineer will ensure that the Emissions and OBD-applications for certification are completed and submitted.

The candidate will be working at Koenigsegg’s headquarter in Ängelholm, Sweden. Sometimes work can take place at test facilities at other locations in Sweden, other countries in Europe, USA, and China. The candidate must be able and willing to work and travel globally.


  • Having extensive knowledge on Emissions & OBD Regulations for US & EU markets.

  • Aligning with technical service(s) & lab(s) for EU and US Emissions Testing including Type I through VI, Canister aging, Catalyst ageing, OBD etc. according to EC 692/2008, EU 2018/858, Title 13 CCR 19XXs, Title 40 Part 86 etc. requirements.

  • Assist Powertrain SW and HW teams regarding technical regulations.

  • Coast down knowledge is a plus.

  • PEMS knowledge is a PLUS!

  • Preparation of Reg (EC) 715/2017 information document for European Type Approval Process before testing starts in accordance with the time plan.

  • Lead “Access to Repair and Maintenance Information” process and makes sure that our systems comply with regulatory requirements.

  • Support internal customers (R&D, Sales, Aftermarket etc.) on current legislations such as EU 2018/1832, Title 13 CCR 19XXs, Title 40 Part 86 etc.

  • Support and provide input to R&D teams for upcoming changes on all target market technical legislation.

  • Provide transition date information for upcoming legislation.

  • Arrange, prepare & conduct Pre-Certification meetings with CARB and EPA experts.

  • Preparation of A-P document for OBD-II system certification.

  • Prepare & conduct after certification actions for US & Canadian markets (J1, J2 and J3).

  • Plan & conduct periodic actions for US & EU requirements

  • Prepare Running Change actions both for EU and US.

  • Observe OBD, Emissions and powertrain changes. Provide information on Homologation Transmittals.

  • Attend & support Homologation Team on OPD (on going product development) Meetings in regards of Emissions & OBD topics.

  • Attend & represent Koenigsegg Automotive AB in lobbying activities such as ESCA meetings, EU Commission meetings.

Work with great people

Markus Lundh
Prototype driver and technician
"I get to leverage my strengths and put me in opportunities where I can shine – from production to prototype tech & driver!"
Kenneth Christensen
Engine Assembly Team Lead
"Working with first-mover tech, the daily work at Koenigsegg is always a exciting challenge. Not for the weak of heart."
Elif Ozdemir
Homologation Engineer
"The feeling of having a part in building a piece of art, a Koenigsegg, is just… beyond description!"

Skills & Requirements

Need to have

  • Automotive Light/Passenger Emissions regulations (R(EU) 2018/1832, EPA and CARB, CO2 etc.), specifically regarding OBD-II and Emissions.
  • Automotive drivetrains, especially internal combustion engines and hybrid drivetrains.
  • Electric powertrain knowledge is plus.
  • At least five years of experience in a technical function in automotive industry
  • Proved experience on ARB and EPA is a must!
  • Preferably at least two years of experience on US OBD & Emissions certification both CARB and EPA
  • Preferably at least two years of experience on EU Emissions certification, SVM knowledge is a plus.
  • R&D Experience in development for production, ideally with cutting edge technologies
  • Expertise in technologies used in automotive
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Ability to write clear and comprehensive technical documentation.
  • Professional level of English


  • According to agreement
  • Full time

Great Place to Work

  • Opportunity to impact a growing company

  • Work alongside world-class talent

  • Flexible work schedules + Culture of collaboration

  • Long track record of success and profitability

  • Engaging and sharing work environment

  • Quick decision making, flat hierarchy

About the company

Koenigsegg is most known for building some of the fastest cars in the world; with almost all of our megacar technologies that are patented and made in-house by our almost 500 world-class technicians, engineers, sourcing experts, production craftsmen, and communicators.

What we’ve created is a unique proving ground of engineering creativity that makes use of our breakthrough megacar development and legacy to push the boundaries of sustainable mobility technology.

So, what’s next?

We are on a universe-denting mission to develop the next generation of breakthrough tech and products. We are looking for outstanding, impactful, and authentic individuals to grow with us. Our ambitions are inspiring but will push the limits of what is possible – requiring one to work efficiently amid our cross-functional teams to execute at high-quality levels.

The goal is clear: innovate and transform.

Kuthan Toydemir | Contact Person

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