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Designer to Tech Experiments

  • Oslo
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About the team
The Tech Experiments team explores the potential effects of emerging technologies and social trends on Schibsted, its brands and its customers. Our aim is to challenge conventional narratives within the organisation, to build fluency with new technologies, and to identify and explore novel areas of opportunity. We do this by making futures real. Through storytelling, speculative design and functional prototyping, we help Schibsted see, feel, and experience future possibilities.

Our team is small and cross-functional, and uses a combination of strategic foresight, design-driven experimentation, and speculative prototyping to explore possible futures. We focus on emerging interfaces, which includes technology like spatial computing (XR/AR/VR), holograms, 360 video, conversational and AI driven interfaces, brain/body interfaces, and emerging use cases like “the metaverse”. Within this field, we identify engaging research questions and then conduct a range of experiments to explore possible answers.

Core to this process is our fluid approach to experimentation. We tailor our experiments to the questions we are exploring, often alternating between highly speculative, explorative work and concrete tech-driven prototyping. With each experiment our aim is to reduce uncertainty and build fluency with the technology, applications and opportunities stemming from emerging interfaces. Experiments can take many forms, including design fiction, lo-fi and visual prototypes, animations, short films, and functional, fully coded prototypes.

About the role
This role is different from typical product design or UI/UX roles at Schibsted. Tech Experiments is focused on working creatively with trends and technology to explore possible futures, threats, and opportunities for Schibsted. This means the work can be highly varied, and designers contribute to a broad range of outputs.

Tech Experiments works iteratively, exploring speculative use cases and technologies that are not fully realized today. While knowing Figma or Adobe CC inside-out might be important, your work will require you to creatively use different tools and approaches to prototyping, depending on the hypotheses and technologies in question. Alongside your sharp visual design skills, you have a passion for researching, exploring, and experimenting with new technologies. With your critical mindset, you ask tough questions about ethics, user experience, and responsible technology use.

We are looking for a designer who can help frame and run a range of technology experiments, including sketches, design fiction, video and animation, and working with technologists to build functional prototypes. Experience designing for emerging technologies or 3D environments such as mobile AR, AR/VR headsets, wearables, conversational interfaces & games is considered a very strong asset.


  • Full participation in the design and creative process working closely with creative technologists through framing, scoping and prototyping our experiments.
  • Research emerging technologies and social trends and explore what it takes to work with them.
  • Identify key insights and opportunity spaces, and translate these into strong future concepts.
  • Design and prototype interfaces for emerging technologies, use cases, and contexts.
  • Work on a range of experiments including design fiction; mock-ups and lo-fi prototypes; video and animation; presentations, demos and experiences; and functional, coded prototypes.
  • Own the user’s perspective on the team.
  • Share learnings in talks, presentations, articles, etc. as a team.

Qualifications & background

  • Education in graphic, visual, communication, interaction, or UX design, or similar.
  • Experience with end-to-end design processes, including scoping and framing, research, concept development, testing, etc.
  • Experience with designing for emerging technologies such as: mobile AR, AR/VR headsets, wearables, conversational interfaces is a strong asset.
  • Ability to work with larger concepts and both low and high fidelity prototypes.
  • Communicate abstract material in simple and effective ways to a variety of audiences, both technical and non-technical.
  • Curiosity and critical thinking about emerging technologies' applications as products or tools for Schibsted.
  • Confident with your toolbox. You are comfortable getting into the details in Figma, Adobe CC, etc., but are equally comfortable adapting and learning new tools and technologies to suit the work at hand.
  • Visual craftsmanship, with a strong portfolio demonstrating visual or interaction design skills such as:
    • UI or digital design
    • UX design
    • Graphic design or branding
    • Game design, 3D design
    • Illustration, animation, motion design
  • Our working language is English.
  • Oslo based with the opportunity to work from home a few days a week.

What you can do is more important than where you have been: relevant practical experience can compensate for less relevant education, so if you think you’d be a good fit for our team but studied something else, please apply!

Diversity in hiring

Schibsted is committed to building an equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace. We welcome applications from candidates of any ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ability or religion.

Further, including diverse experiences, perspectives, and identities is not only the right thing to do, it is also critical to the success of our mission. Envisioning and building Schibsted’s future requires a team with diverse perspectives.

Work with great people

Anniken Ore Larssen
Product Manager
"At Schibsted you meet people who cheer each other on, creating great products facing millions of consumers every day."
Stina Janson
UX Director
"Schibsted has the fantastic combination of having the strengths of a large organization and being a place for innovation, growth and new initiatives."
Egil Martinsson
Machine Learning Engineer
"Schibsted is an awesome place to work with Machine Learning at scale. We really try to foster a culture of high ambition & lots of fun"
Joanna Eriksson
Data Engineer
"Schibsted is a great workplace with amazing people, interesting technical challenges, and a constant strive to always be better."
Maria Slanova
Machine learning Engineer
"På Schibsted får du möjlighet att arbeta med briljanta människor från hela världen och göra innovativa idéer till verklighet."
Joanna Eriksson
Data Engineer
"Schibsted är en arbetsplats med fantastiska människor, intressanta tekniska utmaningar och det finns en ständig strävan efter att alltid bli bättre."
Armin Catovic
Senior Data Scientist
"Vår tech stack och den otroliga mängden data som vi arbetar med är otroligt attraktiv för utvecklare, data scientists och ML-ingenjörer där ute."
Egil Martinsson
Senior Data Scientist
"Det är en fantastisk arbetsplats för den som vill jobba storskaligt med machine learning"

Great Place to Work

  • Learn and develop within Learning Lab

  • 5000 fantastic colleagues in over 4 countries

  • Empowering body and mind with Schibsted Life

  • Career opportunities within the Schibsted family

  • We embrace diversity

  • Work with products that matter in peoples lives

  • Personlig utveckling och lärande inom Learning Lab

  • Var del av en mångfaldig, inkluderande arbetsplats

  • Karriärmöjligheter inom Schibstedfamiljen

  • 5000 fantastiska kollegor i fyra länder

  • Schibsted Life erbjuder fysisk och mental träning

  • Jobba med välkända produkter och tjänster

  • Personlig utvikling og læring i Learning Lab

  • Bli del av mangfoldig, inkluderende arbeidsplass

  • Karrieremuligheter i Schibstedfamilien

  • Mer enn 4500 fantastiske kollegaer i 4 land

  • Styrke kropp og sinn med Schibsted Life

  • Jobb med anerkjente produkter og tjenester

About the company

Schibsted is a family of digital brands with a strong Nordic position, and more than 5,000 employees. Millions of people interact with our companies every day through our leading online marketplaces, world-class media houses. We also help new promising businesses grow. Our joint mission of empowering people in their daily lives is rooted in the values of our media heritage and a legacy of bold change. At our best, we are a fearless force for change in a society built on trust and transparency.

Data & Tech is a central product and tech unit that serves all of Schibsted. We are about 250+ people in Oslo, Stockholm and Krakow, and collaborate closely with other product and tech teams in all units in Schibsted. Areas of responsibilities include data & technology strategy, privacy/data trends/responsible data & machine learning, information security and internal IT.

1839Christian Schibsted 
founds a Printing House

1860Aftenposten is established,
 soon becoming a favoured and trusted media channel.

1966Schibsted acquires VG that
at the time had a financial crises.

1996Schibsted buys Aftonbladet,
 today the primary news source 
in Sweden.

1998Schibsted acquires Svenska Dagbladet, one of Sweden’s leading national quality newspapers.

2000Finn.no is founded.
 The marketplace has 
been enormously popular
in Norway ever since.

2003Blocket is acquired. Today 
the number one market place 
in Sweden.

2005-2021Schibsted Growth 
starts investing in
various digital brands.

2006The international expansion of 
Schibsted classified business is

2009Fædrelandsvennen, Bergens Tidende and Stavanger Aftenblad are fully incorporated in Schibsted

2009 – 2019Schibsted Growth expands the portfolio,
 by 2019 it consists of more than 20 brands.

2019Adevinta is listed at Oslo Børs. Schibsted’s international Marketplaces is spun off into a 
separate company.

2019Schibsted's international marketplaces are spun off into a separete company - Adevinta

2020Schibsted aquired 100% of Oikotie

2020Adevinta acquires 100% of eBay Classifieds Group creating the worlds largest online classified company

2021As part of the agreement in 2020, Schibsted buys eBay's online classified businesses DBA.dk and bilbasen.dk

1839Christian Schibsted grundar tryckeriet Schibsted Förlag

1860Aftenposten etableras och blir snabbt en prioriterad och betrodd mediekanal

1966Schibsted köper VG

1996Schibsted köper Aftonbladet, Sveriges primära nyhetskälla idag

1998Schibsted köper Svenska Dagbladet, en av Sveriges ledande nyhetstidningar

2000Finn.no grundas. Norges mest besökta marknadsplats.

2003Blocket förvärvas. Den dominerande marknadsplatsen i Sverige idag.

2005-2021Schibsted Growth börjar investera i digitala bolag

2006Den internationella expansionen av Schibsted Classified startar

2009Bergens Tidende, Stavanger Aftenblad och Fædrelandsvennen blir helt integrerade i Schibsted

2009-2019Schibsted Growth utökar portföljen som vid 2019 består av över 20 bolag

2019Adevinta listas på den norska börsen. Schibsted’s internationella marknadsplatser etableras som ett eget bolag.

2020Schibsted köper 100 % av Oikotie, en finsk multi-vertikal online marknadsplats. Schibsted har ägt Tori.fi i mer än ett decennium. Förvärvet av Oikotie markerar Schibsteds ambitioner att utöka sin närvaro i det finska segmentet av onlinemarknadsplatser.

2020Adevinta förvärvar 100 % av eBay Classifieds Group och skapar världens största onlineklassificerade företag

2021Som en del av avtalet 2020 köper Schibsted eBays onlineklassificerade företag DBA.dk och bilbasen.dk

1839Christian Michael Schibsted grunnla Schibsted forlag

1860Lansering av Christiania Adresseblad - som senere byttet navn til Aftenposten

1966Schibsted kjøper VG som på det tidspunktet gjennomgikk en økonomisk krise

1996Schibsted kjøper Aftonbladet, i dag den viktigste nyhetskilden i Sverige

1998Schibsted kjøper SvD, en av Sveriges ledende nasjonale avis

2000Finn.no blir etablert. Markedsplassen FINN har vært enormt populær i Norge siden etablering.

2003Schibsted kjøper Blocket. I dag den største markedsplassen i Sverige.

2005 - 2021Schibsted Growth starter å investere i ulike digitale selskaper

2006Den internasjonale ekspansjonen av Schibsted classified starter.

2009Bergens Tidende, Stavanger Aftenblad og Fædrelandsvennen er fullt innarbeidet i Schibsted

2009-2019Schibsted Growth utvider porteføljen, innen 2019 består den av mer enn 20 selskaper.

2019Adevinta blir børsnotert på Oslo børs. Schibsteds internasjonal markedsplasser blir etablert i et eget selskap.

2020Schibsted kjøper 100% av Oikotie, en finsk multi-vertikal online markedsplass. Schibsted har eid Tori.fi i mer enn et tiår. Oppkjøpet av Oikotie markerer Schibsteds ambisjoner om å utvide sin tilstedeværelse i det finske segmentet av nettbaserte markedsplasser.

2020Adevinta inngår avtale om å overta 100% av eBay Classifieds Group, og danner dermed verdens største online rubrikkselskap.

2021Som en del av avtalen i 2020 kjøper Schibsted eBays nettbaserte rubrikkvirksomheter DBA.dk og bilbasen.dk.

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