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Site Reliability Engineer

Lime Technologies, one of the Nordic region’s leading CRM providers, is currently looking for more brilliant people speaking micro (as in -services), containers, and infrastructure-as-code, to beef up how we operate our Lime CRM SaaS product, hosted on AWS. Our objectives include evolving the infrastructure to support our growth, making sure everything is instrumented as well as continuously improving the CI/CD process. We are working in small and dedicated teams that believe in what we do. Pragmatic solutions to hard problems, a good mix of freedom and responsibility, and most importantly – having a great time at work.

What you will do

In this position, you will join our Cloud Operations Team. At Lime, we follow the agile methodology “ShapeUp”. During the 6-week cycles, we have four weeks of building and two weeks of cooldown. The team currently has 4 members, and as our cloud infrastructure is a major area of investment, we look forward to increasing the team size.

As a part of the team, you will get to:

  • Immerse yourself in the following cool technologies: Docker/Swarm (with a pending move to Kubernetes or ECS), RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch, Jenkins, Hashistack (Terraform, Consul, Packer, et al) and, of course, AWS.
  • Use the right tool for the job. For instance, write one-off scripts in Python/bash, or write PR:s on 3rd party tools written in Go.
  • Listen to, and discuss, with product management, users (typically delivery team members), and our CTO to make the right technical decisions.
  • Work closely with other engineers at the company to make sure the system operates and scales well in our SaaS environment.
  • Work with continuous improvement by analyzing, monitoring, and forecasting our ops stack.
  • Constantly improve how we work by regularly experimenting with tech, process, tooling, delivery pipeline, and more.

Work with great people

Anna-Mari Ewing
Onboarding Specialist
"If you express your ambitions and what you need, then there are really great opportunities for a career here."
Ida Shahbazi
Account Manager
"I love the different levels of working with sales at Lime; from fast paced and quick sales processes, to long and complex solution sales. You really find out exactly what works for you"
Terry Ilebode
Software Engineer
"It is all about holistic growth support in all aspects of my life. Lime not only encourages me to be a great software engineer but also provides an enabling environment to become a better person."
Henrik Kjærvik
Consultant Manager
"The best thing about working at Lime, except for the people of course, is the flexibility and opportunity to develop your own career according to your own ambitions and goals."
Anna-Mari Ewing
Onboarding Specialist
"Om du ger uttryck för dina ambitioner och vad du behöver för stöd, så finns det stora möjligheter att utveckla din karriär med oss."
Ida Shahbazi
Account Manager
"Jag älskar de olika nivåerna av att jobba med sälj på Lime; från korta och snabba säljprocesser, till långa och komplexa processer. Du får utrymme att utforska hela spannet och vad som funkar för dig."
Terry Ilebode
Software Engineer
"Lime ger mig ett holistiskt stöd i alla delar av mitt liv genom att både utmana mig som mjukvaruutvecklare och ge mig stöd i min personliga utveckling."
Henrik Kjærvik
Consultant Manager
"Det bästa med att jobba på Lime, förutom kollegorna så klart, är flexibiliteten och möjligheterna att utveckla din karriär i linje med dina egna mål och ambitioner."

Skills & Requirements

What we offer

  • The chance to influence and be heard.
  • Employment in a product company where we own the entire lifecycle from development to end-user support. In other words – we have an understanding all the way up in the executive management team that Doing Things Right pays off in the end.
  • Hack Tuesdays, Lime Dev Camps, and mandatory ”fredagsfika” (everybody eats cake).
  • A stable and calm working environment
  • Ergonomic workplace equipment
  • Continuous training in the latest techs, as well as personal development through various activities

Your skills

We believe you:

  • Have + 2 years of experience in a professional dev and/or ops role.
  • Have at least a year or so of getting hands-on experience in cloud technologies like AWS, GCP, or Azure.
  • Are familiar with infrastructure-as-code.
  • Enjoy working in an agile environment and love knowledge sharing.
  • Speak and write English fluently.
  • …Bonus points rewarded for any experience with Docker, Kubernetes, and/ or ECS.

What else?

This position is based at our head office in Lund. It is commuter-friendly by public transportation, car, and bike. We promote wellness, and as the offices are located in Sankt Lars Park we have lunchtime workouts and walk-and-talk meetings (among other things).

Great Place to Work

  • Conferences & social activities

  • Training & growth

  • Work/life balance

  • Freshly brewed coffee, fizzy drinks & snacks

  • Health & wellness

  • Building Lime together

  • Hälsa och välmående

  • Kaffe, dricka och fika

  • Balans i (jobb)livet

  • Träning och utveckling

  • Konferenser och sociala aktiviteter

  • Bygga Lime tillsammans

About the company

At Lime, you find a listed company with 9 offices in 6 countries. Founded in 1990 we have been growing by approximately 20 % per year since 2000 – a pace we intend to keep. In 2020 we opened our first non-Nordic office in The Netherlands. Since then, we have entered Germany, and are continuously working on further expansion and acquisition strategies. But those are just facts and figures. The truly great thing about Lime is the people working here. We are a caring and high performing group of people who spread customer love. We go all in to create a world where every customer experience exceeds expectations, making customers’ lives easier through spot-on software and on-point expertise. Something that is still unique for a software company like Lime is that we own the entire product life cycle ourselves. We take care of software development, delivery, and support. We are responsible for keeping the chain intact and running smoothly. We call it #dontbreakthechain

Visste du attTOM

TOMLime grundades av tre studenter i Lund år 1990

TOMLime klimatkompenserar genom grön el från en solcellspark utanför Sjöbo

TOMLime har gjort sex företagsförvärv sedan år 2017

TOMLimes nuvarande VD Nils började som en av de första traineerna år 2006

TOMLime introducerades på Nasdaq i Stockholm år 2018

TOMLime lanserade sitt omvända mentorskapsprogram år 2019

TOMLimes mjukvara har en räckvidd på ca 100 miljoner människor dagligen

Did you know thatTOM

TOMLime was founded by three students in Lund in 1990

TOMLime is climate compensating through a solar cell park in the south of Sweden

TOMLime has acquired six companies since 2017

TOMLimes’ current CEO Nils started at Lime as one of the first trainees in 2006

TOMLime was introduced on the Nasdaq stock exchange in Stockholm in 2018

TOMLime launched its first Reversed Mentorship Program in 2019

TOMLimes’ software reaches approximately 100 million people a day

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