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Director of Operations
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Application Deadline: Dec. 10, 2021

Location: Abuja

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Jane Odonwodo

Job Description

We are looking for an entrepreneurial and ambitious executor that is energised and ready
for a new challenge, in a role with great growth opportunities and tremendous impact
As an operations intensive business, which will be sourcing raw material from farmers and
shipping physical products to thousands of consumers, Câm is looking for a self-starter
that is committed and passionate about our purpose, ambition, and values, and has a
high degree of integrity, to help build and grow our operations.
The role combines the need for both strategic thinking and planning, strong
organisational and operations management skills, as well as the day-to-day process and
people management necessary for success in a rapidly evolving environment. You will be
a confidential and trusted partner and adviser to the CEO, and be responsible for all field
operations from farm to factory, extension support services, logistics and distribution, You
will oversee the planning, inventory reconciliation & network optimization, transportation,
planning analysis, KPI reporting, allocation and support initiatives as needed,
development of internal operations processes and work with the CEO to build our
organisational culture.
The ideal candidate for this role is passionate and motivated by opportunities to transform
bold and ambitious ideas into actionable, impactful strategies. This is the ultimate role for
a driven individual with big career ambitions, and aspirations to grow into the role of an
Operations VP of a highly successful industry leader in the future.

● Contributing to strategic decision-making, business planning, and organisational
● Collaborating with the CEO on setting and communicating measurable,
time-bound organizational priorities, developing and managing the
implementation of plans, ensuring continued alignment of resources and regularly
reviewing progress on achievement in line with these priorities.
● Building, managing and leading a supply chain operations team that effectively
demonstrates Câm’s organisational culture and values, consistently performs at a
high standard through the execution of highly efficient processes and the delivery
of high-quality products to customers
● Engaging with and building relationships with community leaders, including
pastoralists and farmer engagement
● Overseeing and ensuring the development of training content and conducting
training for team members and pastoralists.
● Designing and implementing data collection systems and processes
● Rigorously monitoring and analysing field data to understand the business'
performance and continuously implement data-driven improvements; distilling
internal and external data/research into actionable insights, opinions, and
● Developing and effectively implementing internal systems, business processes,
SOPs, and organisational policies and procedures that ensure efficient and
effective operations. This includes reviewing, improving, and continuing to codify
our existing operating standards into a rock-solid playbook that allows us to scale.
● Promoting the identification and adoption of established best practices, whilst
creating an environment that encourages the implementation of creative
● Planning, managing and coordinating all activities related to the replenishment of
raw materials to meet the changing levels of product demand
● Developing, managing and coordinating logistics and distribution of finished
products (in-house and with 3PLs and fulfillment partners) with a focus on
operational excellence, cost management, proactively monitoring performance
and daily execution to ensure timely fulfillment of customer orders and excellent
customer service.
● Reconciling of inventory in collaboration with the Finance and Accounting and
Factory Operations teams.

Skills & Requirements

Skills and Attributes:

● You are a multifunctional, results-driven leader, manager, collaborator, and culture
builder - able to identify, take advantage of, and build on the right opportunities.
● You have the ability to synthesize knowledge, trends, dynamics, and best practices
from a range of geographies and industries, and use these to create systems and
processes that enable the organisation to capture growth opportunities and
become more competitive and profitable.
● You are organized and enjoy creating efficient processes and bringing structure to
an organization, ensuring things run smoothly and getting the organization ready
for growth and new opportunities.
● You have excellent analytical skills and use data-driven decision-making to ensure
successful performance.
● You have strong past results in creating and implementing processes, the ability to
influence adoption in the team and iterating processes based on learnings.
● You have experience in and get energised by managing people and farmers, you
are a highly efficient manager of resources (people and otherwise), and are able to
effectively delegate tasks and other areas of responsibility.
● You drive new initiatives, embrace and push for change, and are not afraid to try
something new.
● You have strong interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and cultural
● You are a facilitator, you listen intently, resolve conflicts effectively, integrate
feedback and create an environment where everyone feels comfortable to speak
up and develop ideas together.
● You learn quickly, can operate with high autonomy, and are willing to make a deep
and focused commitment to growing the business.
● You are Ready to Get Stuff Done (GSD) at a high level. If something’s not
happening fast enough, your gut instinct should be to pick up the phone, pound
on doors, take a road trip or jump on flights, and relentlessly pursue your goal until
it’s done.
Role requirements:

● Bachelor's degree in business administration or related field
● A Master’s degree in a related field is a plus
● At least 3 years as a senior management stand-out performance managing
high-level organisational operations, systems and people in various fields and
departments and a minimum of 9 years experience in an operational role.
● Experience with various facets within operations: program management, planning,
forecasting, logistics, warehousing and inventory management
● Experience with inventory management, reconciliation and fulfillment across
multiple locations
● Knowledge of key service performance metrics and KPIs
● Experience managing dispersed teams
● Experience working will smallholder farmers
● Experience in rural or development-related activities (agricultural sector preferred).
● Excellent analytical, modeling and reporting skills
● Extremely agile and able to adapt to changing priorities and needs
● Superior communication skills - ability to communicate/present at different
organisational levels and work cross-functionally
● Proficiency in Microsoft Office tools (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint).
● Languages: Fluency in English and Hausa (Fulfulde is a strong advantage).
Reporting lines:
The Operations Director reports to the CEO

About the company

Workflow HR Consulting is a global human resource firm that delivers all aspects of human resource management that spans Human Capital Strategy, Talent Management, Mentoring, Organizational Structure, Compensation and Benefits, Learning and Development.

We combine global expertise and local insight to design optimal organizational structures, and people processes for lasting improvement and performance for firms through a team of experienced HR professionals. We identify and recruit the very best person for every role, advise our clients on work structures and rewards to motivate their workforce in order to achieve measurable results and turn ambitious goals into reality.

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