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Freevalve - Electronic hardware developer Control Systems

  • Application Deadline: Dec. 19, 2021
  • Ängelholm
  • Application Deadline: Dec. 19, 2021
  • Ängelholm

The Team

The Freevalve team is staffed by 15 very skilled individuals and growing. At Freevalve, we do everything ourselves - from the software and electronics to the very mechanics and mechanical design.

The person we are looking for

We are looking for an Electronics Engineer to support the team on this journey. Ideally, that'd be an individual with a great passion for cars, engines and technology. The person needs to be a go-getter with the initiative and an inspiring drive to develop and cultivate him/herself within the team. That means someone who's also a good listener and who knows when to put his/her own ego aside to trust the teams’ judgment as well. Needless to say, working in a fast-paced and entrepreneurial company must excite you.

Passion and will to surpass existing standards are our most valuable characteristics, and we expect you to have that as well. This job grants a large amount of freedom and responsibility, and at times that will mean long hours and pressure to achieve results. However, it also means that your name will be hand-scribed into the ground-breaking innovation that this company will achieve.

We are also open to consider different levels of management responsibilities within this role, if your capabilities matches our needs and fits well within the organisation we are building.

Work with great people

Markus Lundh
Prototype driver and technician
"I get to leverage my strengths and put me in opportunities where I can shine – from production to prototype tech & driver!"
Kenneth Christensen
Engine Assembly Team Lead
"Working with first-mover tech, the daily work at Koenigsegg is always a exciting challenge. Not for the weak of heart."
Melissa Zhuo
PR and Communications Manager
"An inspiring and down to earth environment where you are surrounded by the brightest, bravest and the best."

Skills & Requirements

You will work in a highly intelligent, lightweight and motivated team to achieve our goal of revolutionizing the combustion engine with Freevalve technology. As a Hardware Developer in the Control Systems team, you will work with embedded hardware and be responsible for developing system functionality to fully utilize the capabilities of the Freevalve system. This will challenge your abilities and imagination, solving complicated and time-critical problems.

To succeed in this position we believe that you must possess the following skills:

  • Undergraduate degree in a relevant field (Electronics, software, computer, etc.)
  • Relevant experience in complete PCBA development process; taking a design from customer requirement through PCBA design phase to manufacturing and manufacturing support
  • Experience in PCB manufacturing
  • Relevant experience in mechatronic designs
  • Good understanding of EMC requirements and how to apply them in hardware design
  • Good component knowledge, with ability to make suitable selections for a demanding environment
  • Experience with Altium CAD tool, or equivalent
  • Thrive with large degrees of freedom, responsibility, and accountability
  • A strong initiative towards structure and documentation
  • Fluent in English with strong communication skills

And if you also can contribute with some of these skills, it would be very valuable for us:

  • Purchasing competence
  • Hands on experience and practical skills for prototyping and trouble shooting
  • Experience with XCP/CCP, CAN, OBD-II and other automotive standards
  • Experience with NXP (Freescale) PPC based automotive MCU’s
  • Additional knowledge in ARM, PIC and other MCU families
  • Additional programming skills in Python
  • Experience in automotive applications
  • Some experience with vehicle software and hardware implementation
  • Comfortable reading, understanding and troubleshooting functions in C, C++ or similar
  • Advanced knowledge of combustion engines and current state of the art technology within this field

We look forward to your application.

Great Place to Work

  • Opportunity to impact a growing company

  • Work alongside world-class talent

  • Flexible work schedules + Culture of collaboration

  • Long track record of success and profitability

  • Engaging and sharing work environment

  • Quick decision making, flat hierarchy

About the company

Freevalve is a cutting-edge technology company developing a cam-less combustion engine solution with fully variable valve train operation. Freevalve strives to continue the innovative legacy of the Swedish automotive industry with its technology aimed at furthering the validity and sustainability of the internal combustion engine. As a sister company to Koenigsegg Automotive, Freevalve is in the same pursuit of creating the engine of the future - both for Koenigsegg and a very select external clientele. Freevalve currently also cooperates directly with several OEMs and Tier1 as part of making Freevalve technology commercially available and scaled for the global market.

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