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Sustainability specialist to BoKlok

  • Application Deadline: Dec. 15, 2021
  • Malmö +5 more
  • Application Deadline: Dec. 15, 2021
  • Malmö +5 more

Do you want to contribute to a better society by making sustainable living a reality for many more? We are now hiring for the role, Sustainability specialist, where you will be given the opportunity to contribute to BoKlok’s ambitious green journey and work together with colleagues in four different countries.

Description of the role
In this role you will take lead in development, implementation and follow up of a variety of sustainability activities. The role is a part of BoKlok’s central sustainability team and you will collaborate with and support many parts of the BoKlok organization in all BoKlok’s four markets. You will actively contribute to delivery of BoKlok’s ambitious climate neutrality target in accordance with the BoKlok climate roadmap.

You will support the BoKlok organization with broad sustainability competence, including climate, circularity, reporting, development initiatives, pilot projects, management system, audits and the customer offering of a more sustainable lifestyle. It could also include innovation and R&D initiatives, product development and supply chain involvement, as well as contributing to new ways of working with digital tools that supports the green transition.
You’ll have many opportunities to actively contribute to BoKlok’s success on the green journey.

Work with great people

Robert Glavocevic
"Det bästa med min roll är att jag träffar alla i projektgruppen. Jag lägger mycket av min tid på projektstyrning och att planera. Jag styr skeppet i hamn, kan man säga – gör verklighet av ritningen!"
Susanna Bernéli
"Jag är en person som älskar att ha många saker på gång och som har ett starkt eget driv, så jag trivs med att få lägga upp arbetet som det passar mig."
Pernilla Randefalk
"BoKlok präglas av en prestigelös atmosfär – här hjälps alla åt. Det är hela vår grundtanke, och jag uppskattar verkligen att alla - oavsett position inom företaget - hugger i om det behövs."
Robert Glavocevic
Production Manager
"The best with my role is that I meet everyone in the project group. I spend a lot of my time on project management & planning. I steer the ship in port, you could say - make the drawing a reality."
Susanna Bernéli
Housing Economist
"I am a person who loves to have many things going on and who has a strong drive of my own, so I enjoy being able to set up the work that it suits me."
Pernilla Randefalk
Business Developer
"BoKlok is characterized by an unpretentious atmosphere - everyone helps each other. That is our whole basic idea, and I really appreciate that everyone - regardless of position - cuts in if needed."

Skills & Requirements

You have a genuine sustainability experience and is motivated by contributing to give as many as possible the opportunity to live more sustainably by developing and building homes with sustainability at heart.

You have at least 5 years of relevant work life experience and a university degree within the field of sustainability, engineering, or other relevant education.

You are a driving personality who takes own initiatives and is thrilled by delivering results. You enjoy working in an inclusive and developing environment where being who you are is an asset. You are collaborative and communicate with ease, as well as being business and customer oriented and have the ability to see the sustainability opportunities within the business and make the most of them.

You are fluently in English, both verbal and written. Fluently Swedish, Norwegian or Finnish is advantageous.

Experience from construction industry related sustainability practices is advantageous. Climate transition-, digitalization-, sustainability reporting- or international experience is advantageous.

The location is either Malmö, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Oslo, Helsinki, Hertfordshire or other BoKlok offices. Travel occurs in this position and you report to BoKlok’s Head of Sustainability.

We offer you the opportunity to work in a business with clear and challenging goals for the coming years.
If this sounds interesting, please don’t hesitate to send us your application. We will review the applications as they arrive and may close the application period sooner than stated.
For more information about this vacancy, contact Jenny Adholm, Head of Sustainability, on +46 10 449 33 91.
Welcome with your application!

Great Place to Work

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About the company

BoKlok is a residential developer, created by Skanska and IKEA. Together we build blocks of flats and terraced houses for people who want to live in a home of their own, but still have money left at the end of the month. Our homes are fabricated off-site in a safe and dry environment using a smart and industrialized process. Our modular product, strong balance sheet and development skills combined make this a unique proposition for our markets. Our markets today are Sweden, Norway, Finland and UK and we care for the whole value chain from land acquisition to product development and moving in.

TOMBoKlok är ett boendekoncept utvecklat av Skanska och IKEA. Det går i korthet ut på att de som bor i våra hem ska få så mycket boende som möjligt för så lite pengar som möjligt.

TOMVi ansvarar för hela värdekedjan, från produktutveckling, projektutveckling och tillverkning i fabrik till försäljning, byggnation och kundrelationerna efter inflyttning.

TOMVi bygger hållbara hem och vi jobbar mot vårt mål att vara klimatneutrala 2030.

TOMSom ett affärsområde i Skanska får du som medarbetare ta del av förmåner och utvecklingsmöjligheter inom Skanska koncernen.

TOMFör oss är mångfald och inkludering viktig - vi vill spegla samhället, främja rättvisa och allas lika värde. Hos oss ska alla känna sig sedda, respekterade och aktivt få bidra – oavsett vem den är. Det är en förutsättning för att vi ska kunna leverera värde till våra kunder och driva på utvecklingen mot ett bättre samhälle – för alla.

TOMBoKlok is a housing concept developed by Skanska and IKEA. In short, those who live in our homes should get as much housing as possible for as little money as possible.

TOMWe are responsible for the entire value chain, from product development, project development and manufacturing in the factory to sales, construction and customer relations after moving in.

TOMWe are building sustainable homes and we are working towards our goal of being climate neutral by 2030.

TOMAs a business unit in Skanska, you as an employee can take advantage of benefits and development opportunities within the Skanska Group.

TOMDiversity and inclusion are important - we want to reflect society, promote justice and the equal value of all. With us, everyone should feel seen, respected and actively contribute - regardless of who it is. It is a prerequisite for us to be able to deliver value to our customers and drive the development towards a better society - for everyone.

TOMBoKlok on erilainen asumisen konsepti, jonka ovat kehittäneet yhteistyössä Skanska ja IKEA. Yhdessä rakennamme fiksuja koteja ihmisille, jotka haluavat asua hyvin omassa kodissaan niin, että rahaa riittää vielä muuhunkin.

TOMMe vastaamme koko arvoketjusta tuotekehityksestä projektikehitykseen, tehdasvalmistuksesta rakentamiseen aina myynnistä muutonjälkeiseen asiakaspalveluun asti.

TOMRakentamalla puusta luomme edellytykset ympäristötehokkaaseen elämään – näin voimme saavuttaa tavoitteemme olla hiilineutraaleja vuonna 2030!

TOMOlemme Skanskan liiketoimintayksikkö ja tarjoamme sinulle monia mahdollisuuksia kehittymiseen, yhteistyöhön ja liikkuvuuteen.

TOMMonimuotoinen ja hyväksyvä työyhteisö on meille tärkeä – haluamme peilata yhteiskuntaa ja edistää oikeudenmukaisuutta ja samanarvoisuutta. Kanssamme jokaisen tulisi kokea tulevansa kuulluksi ja arvostetuksi. Nämä ovat perusedellytyksiä sille, että onnistumme tuottamaan arvoa asiakkaillemme ja ohjaamaan kehitystä kohti parempaa yhteiskuntaa.

TOMBoKlok er et boligkonsept som er utviklet av Skanska og IKEA. Det går i korte trekk ut på at de som bor i boligene våre, skal få så mye som mulig for så lite penger som mulig.

TOMVi tar ansvar for hele verdikjeden, fra produktutvikling, prosjektutvikling og fabrikkproduksjon til salg, bygging og kunderelasjoner etter innflyttingen.

TOMVi bygger bærekraftige boliger, og vi jobber mot vårt mål om å være klimanøytrale i 2030.

TOMEttersom vi er et forretningsområde i Skanska, får du som medarbeider tilgang til fordeler og utviklingsmuligheter i Skanska-konsernet.

TOMFor oss er mangfold og inkludering viktig – vi vil gjenspeile samfunnet og fremme rettferdighet og likeverd for alle. Hos oss skal alle føle seg sett og respektert og få bidra aktivt – uansett hvem de er. Det er en forutsetning for at vi skal kunne levere verdi til kundene våre og drive utviklingen mot et bedre samfunn – for alle.


Malmö +5 more
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