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Product Design (Kandua)

  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Remote
  • Applications are considered on a rolling basis
  • Remote


Whether you're looking for your next challenge or planning a major career move, becoming a Venture for Africa Fellow gives you a unique opportunity to gain startup experience and local industry knowledge while contributing to meaningful impact at a leading African startup.

Venture for Africa is a fellowship program designed to immerse top global talent in the African startup landscape. We partner with Africa's fastest-growing startups to co-design an experience that enables fellows to quickly gain relevant skills and in-market knowledge, complete real project work and get fast-tracked to apply for a full-time role in their field.

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  • Get Matched: Apply and get matched with a VFA startup partner in your area of interest.

  • Get Immersed: Spend 3 months in this role, during which you will be immersed in the local context, be connected to expert mentors, and get to understand market nuances.

  • Get Working: Work on real project deliverables for your assigned startups while being paid a stipend.

  • Get Hired: While full-time roles are not guaranteed, you are fast-tracked through ordinary application processes for available full-time roles with the startup post the fellowship


Startup Partner: Kandua

Kandua is a mission-driven tech startup. The company builds easy tools that empower people professionally. Tools that shorten the distance between having a skill and making a living from it.

Its flagship product, Kandua.com, is South Africa’s #1 online home services marketplace: A seamlessly designed platform, that connects great home service providers to the people who need them, powered by pioneering technology and a passionate, talented team.

Kandua has made over R200 million in work opportunities and 100 000 jobs possible for vetted Pros.

Project Description

UX at Kandua is mission-critical, with unique challenges:

  • They have to deliver an online experience to service providers - who tend not to be familiar with the internet and its well-established design patterns. Perhaps a little like your grandparents.
  • Given the amount of time and money invested in each project, the stakes are high. Also, given the number of services Kandua offers (over 50), the experiences can be extremely disparate - think renovating a home vs fixing a leaking geyser.
  • They need to find ways of guiding these varied, high stakes experiences to a positive outcome - but since they are not the service provider, they have a limited ability to control it.
  • Kandua has partners who use the platform to complete their own service offering (e.g. hardware stores) - this adds yet another stakeholder's experience to optimise for.

As a UX designer, you'll interface intimately with product, engineering, and data. At Kandua - there are currently 3 product streams. Each stream has a product manager. Engineering & data, like you, are shared across them all:

1. B2C Marketplace
2. B2B Marketplace
3. Pro SaaS

Project Deliverables

  • Research a broad problem, on which you'll collaborate, often together with clear objectives, with the collective of product managers. You then go off, speak to users & do relevant tests and desk research; helping to build clarity about the problem, and make some suggestions about what the solution could look like.

  • Designing high-fidelity solutions: Sometimes this will be a solution to a problem defined in step 1. Sometimes, the product manager will have done Step 1 themselves - perhaps with a bit of your guidance and input.

  • Reviewing the work of engineers who implemented the designs (and inevitably made some calls - were they the right calls?)

  • Driving and maintaining a design culture within the team which includes but is not limited to: running training/experience share with PMs on best practice, ensuring customer feedback is clear and pervasive through the organisation, input into engineering processes.

Skills & Requirements

You absolutely need to have:

  • deep human empathy, paired with an appreciation of the inevitability of the bottom line
  • an obsession with the context of a problem, and the ability to switch rapidly between different ones
  • a high-level frame of reference, while meticulously carving up the complex reality on the ground
  • high standards, without being a perfectionist. You can make sensible compromises and assumptions.
  • Independent thought, directed at winning as a codependent team
  • A set of robust design & research processes that you work with (e.g. Service Design, Journey Mapping, Empathy Mapping, Usability testing, etc), but ultimately the flexibility and desire to be useful - whatever it takes.

  • Competence using tools for wireframing, prototyping, mapping, high-def UI design, and presenting.

You should also understand:

  • How software is built (bonus points for knowing some HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
  • Marketing and conversion funnels
  • How to design an experiment
  • People of widely disparate cultures to your own

About the company

Venture for Africa is a fellowship program designed to fill talent gaps in Africa’s startup ecosystem by enabling top local and global fellows to access opportunities with leading startups in Africa. Our flagship 3-month fellowship program combines on-the-ground experience offering localized context, expert mentorship, and real project work at leading startups hiring now. Launched in 2020, our mission is to accelerate economic growth and technological innovation in Africa by mobilising the next generation of startup talent and equipping them with the experiences and context they need to meaningfully contribute to elevating businesses and livelihoods in Africa.

May 2020We launched on this date announcing open applications for our inaugural cohort, the Venture for Africa Remote Fellowship; matching skilled global talent with leading, African tech startups via a 3-month immersion program.

June 2020Our inaugural fellowship kicked off with 5 fellows working across 3 startups in Nairobi, Kenya

November 2020Recruitment drive for VFA Cohort 2

January 2021Following 350+ applications, our second cohort kicked off with 4 additional fellows and a new partner in Lagos, Nigeria

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