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Aiwizo is a startup dedicated to helping companies understand and make the most of the latest developments in artificial intelligence. By working closely with our customers, we inspire innovation and new applications of machine learning.

Our goal is to be the perfect partner for companies who want to investigate how machine learning can help them and are ready to be innovative. To be the ideal partner, we are working with:

  • Educating employees about what machine learning is and how it can be applied.
  • Researching our customer's ideas to identify potential use-cases of machine learning.
  • Developing proof of concepts.
  • Implementing machine learning into our customer's workflow, products or services.

We are looking for more people who are excited to take theory into practice and work with valuable applications of machine learning. At Aiwizo, you will continue to grow and be able to shape how machine learning is being applied in the industry.

2016Aiwizo was founded to help companies with machine learning in a more transparent way than other actors on the market.

2017Started working with our first large customer.

2018Started building our first product.

Available Jobs

Great Place to Work

  • Challenging and creative work

  • Learn how to build AI/ML applications

  • Become part of a startup with amazing customers

  • Remote work