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DigiExam is a Swedish EdTech-company with 20 employees and head quarters in Stockholm, Sweden.

The DigiExam platform was launched in 2014 with the vision to make digital exams and tests available for everyone. Our mission is to deliver effective, secure and userfriendly tools for teachers in the assessment and to give students the best possible conditions to perform at their best.

Today almost 2,000,000 exams has been handed in spread out on 3,100 schools and universities in many different countries. In Sweden we are the market leader with close to 50% of the high schools students taking their exams in DigiExam. During the spring the platform had 120,000 national exam hand ins.

2014Product released from beta, we reached 30+ schools using the system and 7 employees. Also got our first own office!

2015Reached 350+ schools using the system

2016 1000+ schools using the system

20171,000,000 exams written in DigiExam, 2,500 Schools, 95,000 National tests in Sweden

2018Year to date: 1,980,000 exams written in DigiExam, 3,100 Schools, 700 Customers, 19,000 Teachers, 250,000 students.

Available Jobs

Great Place to Work

  • 6 weeks paid vacation

  • Breakfast at the office every morning

  • Occupational pension (Tjänstepension)

  • Flexible working hours

  • Private health insurance

  • Wellness grant (Friskvårdsbidrag), 5000kr/year