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Linkon was founded 15 years ago by a small team of highly talented and experienced rail and IT professionals with just one aim: to create the best end-to-end solution to enable borderless rail travel for passengers and seamless clearing and settlement for ticket providers and carriers. Something air travel has enjoyed for decades.

With Linkon’s software systems, carriers, suppliers and agents can offer their customers one ticket (that can include travel by bus, train and taxi to many destinations) in one transaction.

No other software can create one ticket for multiple legs of an international land journey and ensure that ticket vendors’ accounts are settled so quickly.

There are now 23.5 million bookings now a year through Linkon’s software and over 3,000 users of their sales applications. Linkon’s experienced and visionary management team is not just changing international train ticketing, the company is dedicated to improving passengers’ journeys from door to door.

Since January 2015, Linkon has been part owned by SilverRail Technologies, the leader in passenger rail search and booking technologies and innovation. SilverRail believes the acquisition will improve its global product offering and will accelerate its ability to innovate the way rail is accessed and sold thereby boosting the rail industry’s ability to compete effectively with regional air travel.

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