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Qlutter is on a mission to make your working life simpler, more pleasant, and more productive. We help teams and large organizations plan, collaborate and follow up everything that is going on with our app Qlutter. We do not only help the team to work together, we help the full organization work together by connecting teams and helping managers in their work.

Qlutter is built with modern and proven technology, including Angular JS, Python, and AWS infrastructure. Automated deployment and continuous integration allow us to scale quickly. Our app Qlutter now has all the base functionality in place but needs some love to reach its full potential. Qlutter includes a range of interesting areas to work on, from front-end design and development of views thousands of users interact with multiple times every day, to development of advanced analytics helping organizations understand what actually goes on.

You will join a team with a diverse background with experiences spanning everything from Salesforce, Github, Projectplace, HiQ, TV4 and McKinsey. We are working closely together as a team and you will have plenty of opportunity to both learn and teach about everything from design, writing beautiful code, marketing, sales to how to run a fast-growing start-up. We also make sure to have fun together with afterwork and parties as well as an exciting upcoming retreat. Our office is located on Södermalm in central Stockholm and has an amazing view, come check it out!

You can also read more about us at www.qlutter.io.

2015-03-20Company was founded

2015-04-10First beta of Qlutter

2015-05-10First customer live with 500 users

2015-07-01First person starts working full-time with Qlutter

2015-09-01New planning module in Qlutter reach beta

2015-09-15Second major customer go live

2015-11-01First customer go live with on-premises hosting

2016-01-10Qlutter reach users in 9 countries across northern Europe

2016-04-01New board members with background from Salesforce, Github, Projectplace and a number of other successful Saas companies

2016-09-15Establish reseller agreement with Danish IT service provider KMD.

2016-10-01Qlutter launch online!

2016-10-15You join the team?

Available Jobs

Great Place to Work

  • Fast growing startup with global ambitions

  • Stock options

  • Competitive benefits

  • Design and build a product from scratch

  • Fast paced environment with experienced colleagues

  • Make working day better for thousand of users

Work with great people

Adam Wiman
"Let's do this!"
Johan Mattsson
"The best performance improvement is the transition from the nonworking state to the working state"