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FINN, Blocket, DBA, Bilbasen, Oikotie & Tori. Did you spot any familiar names? Then you already know a bit about Schibsted Marketplaces! Our team spans across the Nordics and Poland, united by a shared passion for our work and to foster a friendly and caring community. Curiosity, teamwork, problem-solving and continuous learning are the cornerstones of our culture.

Currently, we’re embarking on an exciting journey to become a fully marketplace-focused company. Our mission is to empower people to make smart choices for themselves and future generations. To achieve this, we are committed to staying agile and proactive in the rapidly evolving digital landscape — shaping the future of digital marketplaces.

1839Christian Schibsted founds a Printing House.

1860Aftenposten is established, soon becoming a favoured and trusted media channel.

1966Schibsted acquires VG.

1996 - 1998Schibsted buys Aftonbladet and Svenska Dagbladet, two of Sweden’s leading national quality newspapers.

2000Finn.no is founded, today one of Norway's strongest brands.

2003Blocket is acquired. Today the number one market place in Sweden.

2005Schibsted Growth starts investing in various digital brands.

2006The international expansion of Schibsted classified business is starting.

2019Adevinta is listed at Oslo Børs. Schibsted’s international Marketplaces is spun off into a separate company.

2020 - 2021Adevinta acquires 100% of eBay Classifieds Group creating the worlds largest online classified company. As part of the agreement, Schibsted buys DBA.dk and bilbasen.dk

1839Christian Schibsted grundar ett tryckeri.

1860Tidningen Aftenposten etableras och blir snabbt en betrodd mediekanal.

1966Schibsted köper VG.

1996 - 1998Schibsted köper Aftonbladet och Svenska Dagbladet, två av Sveriges ledande nyhetskällor.

1996Schibsted grundar den norska marknadsplatsen Finn, i dag ett av Norges starkaste varumärken.

2003Blocket, Sveriges dominerande marknadsplats, blir en del av Schibstedfamiljen.

2005Schibsted Growth börjar investera aktivt i digitala bolag.

2006Den internationella expansionen av Schibsteds digitala marknadsplatser startar. Blocket rullas ut i världen, som mest i 34 länder.

2019Schibsted’s internationella marknadsplatser etableras som ett eget bolag, Adevinta, med Schibsted som en stor ägare.

2020 - 2021Adevinta förvärvar eBay Classifieds Group och skapar världens största digitala marknadsplats. I samband med affären köper Schibsted de danska marknadsplatserna DBA och Bilbasen.

1839Christian Schibsted grunnla Schibsted forlag.

1860Aftenposten etableres og blir raskt en betrodd mediekanal.

1966Schibsted kjøper VG.

1996-1998Schibsted kjøper Aftonbladet og SvD, to av Sveriges ledende nasjonale aviser.

1996 - 2000Finn.no blir etablert, i dag en av Norges sterkeste merkevarer.

2003Schibsted kjøper Blocket. I dag den største markedsplassen i Sverige.

2005Schibsted Growth starter å investere i ulike digitale selskaper.

2006Den internasjonale ekspansjonen av Schibsted digitale markedsplasser starter.

2009Bergens Tidende, Stavanger Aftenblad og Fædrelandsvennen er fullt innarbeidet i Schibsted.

2019Adevinta blir børsnotert på Oslo Børs. Schibsteds internasjonale markedsplasser blir etablert i et eget selskap.

2020-2021Adevinta inngår avtale om å overta 100% av eBay Classifieds Group, og danner dermed verdens største online rubrikkselskap. Som en del av avtalen kjøper Schibsted DBA.dk og bilbasen.dk.

Our valuesOur Schibsted Finland values are:

Win togetherWe are all in! We take part, share and include others. We use differences as a strength. We are kind and trust in good intentions.

Be curiousWe find new ways and we seek ways to delight our users, customers and co-workers. We move fast to learn fast, mistakes are part of growth. We are eager to always learn more.

Have courageWe aim high. We believe in ourselves and in people around us. We speak up and share our solutions. We are ready to offer and receive help.

Available Jobs

Great Place to Work

  • Support for individual learning & development

  • Office library

  • Extended insurances

  • Recreational benefit

  • Baby bonus

  • GoByBike - bike benefit

  • MyWeek - your own wellbeing week

  • Weekly game nights

  • Good Life Coffee office cafe & barista

  • 30 days holiday

  • Heltti healthcare services

  • Lunch benefit

  • A great, modern office in central Stockholm

  • Generous annual wellbeing allowance and much more

  • Fun events including awesome Kick Offs

  • Breakfast every Monday and fika on Fridays

  • Parental leave premium

  • Excellent learning and development opportunitie

  • HOMEsted - ergonomic home office

  • Devices of your choice

  • SMF Activities - after work events

  • Possibility to work abroad for 30 days/year (E

  • Varierte og spennende arbeidsoppgaver

  • Konkurransedyktige vilkår

  • Avis - Aftenposten hjem på døra og/eller digit

  • Rabattavtaler gjennom FINN og Schibsted

  • Dyktige kollegaer og et hyggelig arbeidsmiljø

  • Gode muligheter for kompetanseutvikling

  • Fleksibel arbeidstid

  • Hybrid arbeidshverdag

  • 6000 fantastic colleagues in over 4 countries

  • Work with products that matter in peoples live

  • Career opportunities within the Schibsted family

  • Empowering body and mind with Schibsted Life

  • We embrace diversity

  • Career opportunities within the Schibsted family

  • Learn and develop within Learning Lab

  • Work with products that matter in peoples lives

  • Empowering body and mind with Schibsted Life

  • Work with products that matter in peoples live

  • Social benefits (multisport, health care etc)

  • Individual training budgets

  • In-house English lessons

  • Flexible working hours

  • 4 additional vacation days

  • 2 additional weeks of paternal leave

  • Modern tools and needed equipment

  • Ergonomic workplace

  • Mac & iPhone together with phone benefit

  • After work events

Work with great people

Pedro Luis Lopez Cruz
Backend Developer
"I really enjoy working on products that are used by millions of people every day, and it feels fantastic when I receive feedback from friends and family who know and use our brands."
Sol Cano
Head of People and Culture
"I love the diverse atmosphere at Schibsted that comes from everyone being themselves! People show genuine interest in their colleagues, and you always find someone who's happy to offer their help."
Christina Lock Fuglsang
Product Manager
"I really appreciate the strong culture of collaboration and continuous learning at Schibsted. As a Product Manager I have ample opportunity for personal growth and having a meaningful impact."
Simon Hallenslev
Content Creator
"At Schibsted you always have the possibility of doing something new, something better, something smarter – as we empower creativity and industriousness is highly valued."
Anders Espelund
"Vi ansetter flinke og motiverte mennesker hvor vi sammen muliggjør at bileiere kan selge bilen enkelt, trygt og raskt"
Thomas Hage
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
"Hva er vel mer spennende enn å kunne utvikle et selskap med masse potensial, fersk teknologi og høyt tempo?"
Eirik Thorsen
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
"Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Å få være med å bygge en tjeneste og en merkevare fra bunn er utrolig spennende og lærerikt. En unik mulighet!"
Villiam Strømme
CSOP/ Salgssjef
"Bli med på reisen i et fremoverlent selskap, med en bratt læringskurve og et godt arbeidsmiljø!"
Gözde Yigit
Product Manager
"I must say that I am particularly impressed by how talented colleagues we have at Schibsted and how many new things I can learn from each of them."
Samuli Paavilainen
Sales Director
"I can say that I have never worked with such a talented and diverse group of people than in our community. That makes me feel totally humble and honoured to be a part of this excellent group."
Topi Elomaa
Customer Support Team Manager
"Whenever a new colleague comes along, I just know that they’re going to be welcomed and enjoy working among us. This means a lot to me. We’re a bunch of fun, bright, and easy-going people."
Agustí Pellicer
Engineering Manager, Seller Experience
"Working with circular economy makes my work feel rewarding, as we're helping people to prefer sustainable alternatives. Besides, having a team that supports and trusts you makes work a breeze."
Ruth Richman
Data Analytics Specialist
"What I enjoy most about my work is problem solving and always learning something new. It’s also really rewarding to see your work shape how the company changes and develops."
Kai de la Cruz
Product Analyst Lead
"Working towards a more circular economy is an important issue to tackle and an inspiring cause to work for. It's something that motivates me in my day-to-day work."
Anna Katarzyna Bytnar
Software Developer
"My colleagues are a supportive and diverse group of people. I really enjoy our work environment which is balanced, flexible and fun."
Camilla Røhme
UX Manager
"The culture is open, everyone is always ready to help with any challenge and we figure it out together. I feel people are genuinely interested in their colleagues' well-being."
Anders Halvorsen
Sales Manager
"Being part of something bigger than yourself, making a difference in people’s everyday lives together with some of your best friends is what really gets me up in the morning."
Cansu Kilit
Agile Coach
"Working in such a cross-functional team allows us to leverage diverse perspectives, which leads to better outcomes. With a shared goal, we rely on each other and help each other."
Yuri Shatalov
Visual Designer
"Cosiness, friendliness, curiosity, diversity, experience – all of this awaits you at Schibsted. We work in constant cooperation and collaboration with each other, and we win together."
Ingvild Nerås
Engineering Manager
"I enjoy working in a company where I feel I have the support to grow and challenge myself. There are so many passionate people here, and this inspires me in my own development."
Christina Lock Fuglsang
Product Manager
"I really appreciate the strong culture of collaboration and continuous learning at Schibsted. As a Product Manager I have ample opportunity for personal growth and having a meaningful impact."
Nicholas Vogiatzis
Customer Support Team Manager
"For me, it is all about the difference we can make for the individual by offering opportunities, e.g. a new job, a new place to live or find rarities that I otherwise wouldn’t have been found."
Anna Rezende
"It’s truly heartwarming and inspiring to be a part of Blocket, where they embrace cultural diversity with open arms. Despite my Brazilian roots, I’ve always felt right at home and included."
Carl Winte
Product Manager
"The dynamics of running a marketplace with buyers and sellers make things super interesting. The value that we can create as a marketplace increasing circular economy is tremendous."
Alisa Seferi
Data Engineer
"We have a significant degree of autonomy in shaping our work tasks. This autonomy empowers us to align our work with the organization’s objectives and leverage our individual strengths."