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We are the number one game developing studio that offers great benefits to our employees.

Come join us and be the Batman to our Robin!

With us, you have the freedom to become whoever you want to become, and develop without limitations. As long as you don't switch from being a developer into wanting to become a storage worker, we should have you covered! Our offices do need to be stocked, so we surely would have some sort of a storage worker position available if needed though ?

2010The company was started

2022We reached 2000 employees

2025 (our next goal)Over 10 offices globally!

Available Jobs

Great Place to Work

  • fast-paced feedback

  • welcoming collegues

  • work from home

Work with great people

Support character
"I will not forsake the land that shaped me. Nor the mistakes."
Customer support specialist
"I feel like my allies aren't recognising how amazing my cloak is! I mean, seriously! Rude!"
Regional manager
"Won this fight already, doing it again for fun."
Superhero studio (test)
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