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Expert DOJO invests in founders who represent the diverse society we live in and not just the privileged Silicon Valley elite.

Aimed at the everyday investor, Expert DOJO’s equity crowdfunding campaign is designed to democratise investing and deliver returns for everyone and not just the privileged few - VCs or institutional investors. Expert DOJO’s mission is to become one of the largest small-cap hedge funds in the early-stage startup space. By securing an ownership stake in Expert DOJO, investors ownership stake will grow and deliver returns as more startups join and secure more funding or exit in the future. One investment = a thousand opportunities.

With a valuation of $32M and investments in over 25 countries, Expert DOJO believes now is the perfect time for retail investors to be part of the company’s next phase of hyper-growth. Expert DOJO is one of the most active international early-stage startup accelerators in the United States, investing in over 100 startups to accelerate their growth since 2018. 80 more startups will join the programme in 2021 and there are plans to make over 1000 investments over the course of the next 10-years. The track record is impressive with investments increasing in value by 300% in the last three years.

TED-speaker Brian Mac Mahon, the founder and CEO of Expert DOJO said: “This is a truly unmissable opportunity for the everyday investor. By giving the public an ownership stake in Expert DOJO, we're opening up the ownership in what can possibly become one of the largest small-cap hedge funds in the United States. A small-cap hedge fund that represents the diverse society we live in and not just the privileged Silicon Valley elite. Our ambition goes so far beyond this and every company we invest in will increase the value of Expert DOJO which increases each investor’s ownership value. As these companies grow, that also increases our and our investors' valuation.”


TOM$20 million USD venture fund

TOM105 startups accelerated to date, from over 30 countries

TOMFull-time, dedicated Africa team

TOMThird most active early-stage investor in the United States

TOMOver 65% of startups receive follow-on funding during or after participation in the accelerator

TOMFocus on women and minority founders, with over 75% of investments in both

TOMSilicon Beach headquarters in Santa Monica, California (10,000 sq ft tech hub) serves as an international bridge for startups scaling globally

TOMA dedicated healthcare team comprised of world renowned experts and top industry talent

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Work with great people

Jess Anuna
"The team's enthusiasm for Africa is unmatched and the efforts put forth have allowed us to raise additional capital and position ourselves to grow quickly cross-border in Africa and globally."
Yaw Ofosu Ansong
"I loved the accelerator content, and the team provides access to key stakeholders that the typical pattern-matching investor wouldn’t even consider. Joining the DOJO was a total turning point for us."
Tebogo Mokwena
"Just when you think they've already gone above-and-beyond in accelerator services, they bombarded us with hundreds of investors to help support our journey to being a $B company."
Anna Gudmundson
CEO, BioSelf Technology, Inc.
"I can’t tell you how good this program was, how much we got out of it, we also raised more money on the back of it and they got us ready for that and helped with introductions."
Dr. Lieza Danan
CEO, Founder of LiVeritas Biosciences
"We are currently engaged with VCs and angels we met in the program. I highly recommend the program to other programs, especially those with a technical background."