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Lantmännen is an agricultural cooperative and Northern Europe’s leader in agriculture, machinery, bioenergy and food products. Owned by 18,000 Swedish farmers, we have 10,000 employees, operations in over 20 countries and an annual turnover of SEK 60 billion. With grain at the heart of our operations, we refine arable land resources to make farming thrive. Some of our best-known food brands are AXA, Bonjour, Kungsörnen, GoGreen, Gooh, FINN CRISP, Schulstad and Vaasan. Our company is founded on the knowledge and values acquired through generations of farmers. With research, development and operations throughout the value chain, together we take responsibility from field to fork. For more information: www.lantmannen.com

1- creating results together

2- international career opportunities from field to fork

3- proud of our heritage, aiming for global growth

4- focus on innovation and sustainability

Lediga Jobb

Vi har riktigt bra förmåner

  • Amazing colleagues

  • Business in mind & people at heart

  • A unique business range

  • Heading for the future

Några av våra medarbetare

Sofia Harrysson
Logistics Expert, Biorefineries
"I have a very dynamic and varied job that constantly challanges me and makes me develop."
Henrik Nilsson
Sustainability Manager, Real Estate
"Lantmännen is a place where we focus on putting our strategies into actions and make the changes happen."
Martin Jangbrand
Feedtrader, Biorefineries
"Lantmännen is an inclusive employer and the collaboration works very well between different departments and functions."
Ellika Svensson Svenungsson
Project Manager Farming of the Future, Group
"Here I have the opportunity to develop as a person and contribute to the development of Swedish agriculture, which I'm proud of."
Lantmännen Energy
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