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Adapteo is a driving force in the development of a better and more adaptable society with its offering of adaptable buildings for both temporary and permanent needs. Modern construction projects have strict requirements as regards flexibility, accessibility and sustainability, the very areas on which our entire business is centred.

We are the leading supplier of adaptable buildings in Northern Europe, with operations in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Germany. Adapteo was originally founded as a subsidiary of Cramo, but the company has been a fully independent entity since 2019 and is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm. In 2019, Adapteo generated sales of EUR 216 million. We currently number about 400 employees with head offices in Stockholm, Sweden and Vantaa, Finland.

Adapteo’s core values provide a foundation for our business and our culture. Whether employee, customer or stakeholder, your experience of Adapteo should be of a company that is Proactive, Collaborative and Committed.

testAdapteo operates in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark and Germany

testPortfolio size ~32,400 building units, ~970,000 sq m

testWe are certified according to ISO 9001 and 14001

testMarket leader in the Nordics

testOur adaptable buildings are usually used as schools, daycare centers, offices, and accommodation, but can also be used as shops, laboratories or health care centres. We are only limited by imagination

testWe can deliver anything from one single classroom to solutions of several thousand square metres

testThrough our two business areas Rental space and Permanent space we can offer anything from short term rentals through to ownership solutions

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  • We contribute to a better future

  • We accelerate together

  • We are a solid company with a growth mindset

  • We love flexibility

  • Proactive, Collaborative & Committed

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