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Oura is an award-winning fast-growing Finnish company, currently the world leader in the wearable HealthTech devices field that helps people track and improve their sleep & health using the Oura ring.

Oura team is a truly international English speaking team from across the globe who focus on innovating & developing state of the art product and wellbeing service for tens of thousands of people in the world.

Oura offers intellectually and technically interesting challenges that differ from typical web app scaling problems.

The Oura ring’s sensors have tracked millions of nights of biodata and helped people in over 70 countries to improve their sleep and recovery – and this is only the beginning. Oura’s mission is to empower people to own their potential, giving them the insight and tools needed to be in control of their life.

Oura has a startup mindset & solid financial backing and a steady revenue stream.
Some celebrity investors: Will Smith, Shaquille O'neal, Steve Chen (YouTube Co-Founder) and used by UK Prince Harry and more!

2013Oura Founded

2015Seed investment & Oura ring released

2017Oura ring 2G

2018RedDot design award & many other won awards

201920M Investment and global growth and expansion

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