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Art_Value is an exciting young and ambitious start-up run by professionals with the support of KTH Innovation. We are in the fields of ArtTech and FinTech and we hope to disrupt the art market by creating a whole new way of generating, creating and selling art.

Our purpose is to build a community which is engaged with novel technologies (mobile application, blockchain technology) through artistic practices, bringing art and scientific communities together.

The business idea is based on the research and art of Vygandas Simbelis, under the artist name Das Vegas, and is a process of generating artworks, selling them online through auctions and using digital certificates to prove the authenticity of the artworks via blockchain.

Our approach is to create a platform where artist and buyers meet, but unlike a marketplace, the USP of Art Value is that the art is based on transforming digital abstraction into artworks and legitimizing them using blockchain.

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